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Top 4 Political Science Careers to Consider

By February 14, 2020Biscayne College

Political science majors are those people who enjoy speaking up for what they believe and understanding the laws that make our nation secure. They enjoy researching the thought process of how people think and make decisions.

They aren’t all future lawyers. While there is a respected amount of graduates who do go into this field, it isn’t the only type of political science career available. Political science majors are often found arguing with those who disagree with them but will learn to do so in a way with facts and reasoning.

There are plenty of career options with a degree in political science from St. Thomas University. While not all include the spotlight of a politician or lawyer, all career options create a solid foundation of income and possibility for successful occupations. Learn more about these top political science careers to choose from at STU.

What is the Study of Political Science?

St. Thomas University students learn that political science is the study of law and politics. Students focus on the power within the governmental system and how different government agencies work together. Political science majors dive deep into the relationship between laws, regulations, politicians, and the people within said government.

Political science majors, also known as Poli Sci majors, look at many different examples of government. Students learn about local, state, national, and international political systems. This wide range of governmental offices creates a broad amount of careers that a Poli Sci major could choose after graduation.

Top 4 Political Science Careers

Again, many career options await a graduate with a BA in Political Science from St. Thomas University. A wide range of career options is available to those graduates with a Poli Sci degree. Here are just a few!

1. Intelligence Analyst

Those political science majors who don’t enjoy the spotlight may do well as an intelligence analyst. These specialized agents often work for the CIA, FBI, or other forms of government. They use their background in understanding governments and analysis to keep people safe. Intelligence analysts study different groups of people, and the relationship between them, to help keep the peace.

Source: GlassDoor

Glassdoor reports that Intelligence Analysts usually earn a median salary of $70,000 per year. Demand for people in this field grows at about 5% each year, which is slightly less than the national average. Most of those in the intelligence analyst career field report that they are happy with their job and feel that their job helps other people.

2. Public Relations Specialist

For those political science majors who enjoy speaking in front of cameras, a career as a Public Relations Specialist is a good fit. These professionals often work for large corporations or companies that care about their public reputation. They usually are the go-to person to speak to the media when something goes awry, and they are masters at answering questions and portraying a positive image.

Public Relations Specialists earn an average salary of around $60,000, but those at the top of their field can earn almost double. The career field is estimated to grow up to 9% in the future, which is higher than other political science careers. Those professionals in a public relations career report that they are highly satisfied with their job and the ability to grow their careers.

3. Attorney

Becoming an attorney is one of the top careers of a Poli Sci major from STU. While future lawyers do need to pursue law school after earning their undergrad, many enjoy exciting and lucrative careers. Lawyers with a background in political science often work for politicians and interest groups that work within the governing body. 

Most attorneys received a median annual salary of $120,000, with top lawyers almost doubling that figure. The overall job outlook for this career is good at an estimated 6% rate of growth, which is about average for the nation. While the overall job satisfaction of lawyers can all depend on the day, government lawyers reported that they enjoyed their jobs at a higher level than other lawyers.

4. Paralegal

Many political science majors choose to become a Paralegal, also known as a Legal Assistant, after graduating with a BA from STU. Becoming a paralegal does not require a law degree, and some paralegals have an associate’s degree. Paralegals understand the basics of law and government and help lawyers work on cases. They have strong research skills from their political science background, which serves them well in this position.

Paralegals earn an average of $50,000 each year, but those with a Bachelor’s degree should receive more. The expected job growth for careers in this industry is high at 15%, making this an excellent option for STU graduates in high demand. Paralegals report that they have high to very high job satisfaction, despite their long hours often working in the office.

Political Science Degrees at STU

St. Thomas University has a unique focus on political science and law. Students can earn many different degrees, either online or in-person, on the STU campus.

Introduction to Legal Studies 

For those incoming students who are still unsure about a major in political science, STU offers a two-week non-credit summer course. The Introduction to Legal Studies is a unique way to learn about the coursework and what is required of students in this degree program.

Introduction to Law School Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

This undergraduate degree allows those students who want to enter the career field or pursue graduate school in the future. Earning a BA in Political Science, which includes a wide range of social science classes, is a good foundation for admittance into law school if desired. This degree is only offered in person on the STU campus.

Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor

For those students who want to earn their law degree even faster, STU offers a unique way to do so in a total of 6 years. The 3 + 3 BA/JD program is available to those high achieving students who have elevated test scores as well as higher average grade point averages from high school. The 3+3 program helps students spend less time at school and enter the career field as a lawyer sooner.

STU School of Law

The esteemed School of Law at St. Thomas University offers a wide range of graduate programs. A Master of Laws degree is available, and some degrees are offered entirely online and geared towards students with full-time careers. There are 10 certificate programs that range from business law to elder law to tax laws. Students with an undergraduate degree can apply to the School of Law at STU for degrees available at the graduate level.

Earning a political science degree at STU is a great way to have your pick among many political science careers available. The solid foundation of this degree sets you up for a career that is exciting, interesting, and lucrative. Take advantage of the many different degree options available at STU in your quest to earn an undergraduate degree in political science. Use this degree to help achieve a successful career. Contact our admissions office today for more information about this exciting degree of study.

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