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STU launches the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, LIMITLESS

By May 28, 2020STU News

Over the past 6 months, St. Thomas University has undergone an intense self-reflection process as the university looks to expand its scope and continues to establish itself as a global university and top academic institution in South Florida.

The process was led by a 30-person strategic planning steering committee. More than 50 of our alumni, board members, professors and students formulated our three goals. With over 15,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members surveyed, everyone had an opportunity to be involved in the strategic planning initiative.

On May 14, 2020 STU’s President, David A. Armstrong, J.D. and the STU Board of Trustees hosted a virtual unveiling and officially launched the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, LIMITLESS.  The President was joined online by more than 600 members of our community who tuned in to see what was in store.

“St. Thomas University is on the verge of something extraordinary, “said President David A. Armstrong. “From this day forward, our faculty, staff, and administration will be working diligently to implement the many different tactics outlined in the plan that will ensure the long-term success of STU.”

Based on three goals — Devotion, Opportunity, and Results — the 5-year strategic plan builds on STU’s current strong foundation and seeks to propel STU forward, and ensure long-term growth and sustainability.  The objective of the plan is to make STU into a Great Catholic University that transforms students into ethical leaders who impact our global city and beyond.

Goal 1, Limitless Devotion, will seek to educate students for Faith Formation to become Ethical Leaders for Life in our Global Community.

Goal 2, Limitless Opportunities, aims to ensure that we create a challenging curriculum and vibrant collegiate experience for our students.

Finally, Goal 3, Limitless Results, will ensure long-term sustainability through superb #STUwardship of our financial, human, and physical resources.

As part of the plan, STU has also launched a new campaign based on five key attributes that it feels the plan will instill in our students and faculty staff.  The university will continue to achieve the strategic plan  goals by consistently reminding ourselves to D.R.E.A.M, and acronym for the five values:

  • D is for Devotion. At our core is our faith and we will use our Catholic identity to inform the decisions we make and to develop the whole person while focusing on ethical behavior.
  • R is for responsibility. We know it is our responsibility to contribute to the growth of our South Florida community and will use that to move us forward alongside our community.
  • E is for embracing. When you join St. Thomas University, you become family. STU embodies the small ‘c’ in Catholic, meaning all- embracing and universal.
  • A is for adaptability. Since our Augustinian founding fathers left Cuba, STU has demonstrated resilience, spirit and adaptability. We have the perseverance to do what is right, when it is right.
  • Lastly, M is for merit. Through self-reflection and quality assessment we will ensure that we provide a quality education to our students.

As the administration begins to implement the tactics outlined in the plan, they will periodically update the community through dedicated reports. For the complete matrix of tactics, the full plan, to read the documents referenced in the launch, and, to see our progress, please visit,

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