What is the Help Desk?

The Help Desk is the main point of contact for reporting all information technology, telecommunications and media services related issues and requests.

Can the Help Desk operator solve my technical questions?

The Help Desk operator is a switchboard operator, not a technician. His/her job is to make sure that your request is logged into the Trouble Ticket System, to match the right technician with the request, to assign the job to the right technician and to follow up until the request is resolved.
However, the Help Desk operator does resolve many day-to-day requests like opening new accounts, resetting passwords, etc.

What areas and services does the Help Desk cover?

We are responsible for all STU computer hardware, software, network access, wireless networks, telephones, voicemail, cell phones, PDA’s, cable television, media services, video production, audio production and website management.

How do I contact Help Desk?

1. Dial (305) 628-6610
2. On campus, dial 6610
3. By email at stuhelpdesk@stu.edu
4. Use the Live Chat function via MyBobcat
5. Stop by Mimi Dooner Hall, we’re in Room 111 on the first floor.

What are the regular hours of operations?

The Help Desk operates 24-7-365. We are available for assistance every day at any time. The Help Desk operator will process calls, emails and greet visitors.

What happens after I report a problem or make a request?

The Help Desk operator logs your service request in our online Trouble Ticket System and routes the job to the appropriate person on our team.

How do I know my Trouble Ticket was opened?

You will receive an email notification with an alphanumeric number and a link to your Trouble Ticket.

Will I be notified after a Trouble Ticket is opened, closed?

You will receive an email notification with status updates on your Trouble Ticket.

Can I call a technician directly?

We discourage this, since it disrupts the pending job queue, could delay other pending projects and it disrupts cross-training among our team members