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Legal Writing Program

Overheard – About the Program at St. Thomas!

From Princeton Review, Best 169 Law Schools of 2016

The [law] school takes a practical approach to teaching law and students are quick to highlight the legal writing department, which they view as an “asset.” [T]he in-depth curriculum requires “a closed memo, open memo, motion for summary judgment, client letter, affidavit, service lists, statement of the facts, complaint and answer to the complaint, interrogatories, request for admissions, request for documents, summons, and appeals brief (and argument in the presence of three [guest] judges).” As one second-year continues, “Legal writing [is] the cornerstone of [your] career. Therefore, the standards … are high.” About St. Thomas University College of Law, Miami.

From Students

“My LW professor was an exceptional professor. He communicated information concisely and efficiently.” Class of 2017

“My LW professor was extremely helpful and took the additional time to help each and every student.” Class of 2017

“My LW professor gave great feedback and was always willing to assist with questions.”
Class of 2014

“My LW professor was always available to students. Even called me on the weekend to help go over the comments on my appellate brief, which I greatly appreciated. Goes above and beyond as a professor.” Class of 2014.

“Thank you to my LW professor for being so great and making our first year a very positive experience.” Class of 2013.

“I learned more about, and acquired more tools for the practical application of legal knowledge from Legal Writing classes than anything else I studied in first year.” Class of 2013.