J.D. Course and Exam Schedules

Listed below, please find the course and exam schedules for the current semester and forthcoming semesters as they become available.
The College of Law Academic Calendar can be found here.

Last updated: August 27, 2021

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First Year Courses
62001ACriminal Law §1A (includes spring entrants)3GarciaMW10:00-11:30 a102
62001BCriminal Law §1B3GarciaMW1:00-2:30 p104
62002ACriminal Law §2A3HernandezMW1:00-2:30 pA-112
62002BCriminal Law §2B3SilverMW1:00-2:30 pOnline
62003ACriminal Law §3A3HernandezMW3:30 -5:00 pA-112
62003BCriminal Law §3B3SilverMW3:30-5:00 pOnline
62004ACriminal Law §4A3TibbsTTh10:00-11:30 a108
62004BCriminal Law §4B3TibbsTTh4:00-5:30 p108
630A01Legal Skills §1 (includes flex students)0.5Friedland*Th-1/7, F-1/8, F-2/5, F-3/12, & F- 4/99:00 a-3:00 pOnline
630A02Legal Skills §2 (includes Spring Ls)0.5Friedland*Th-1/7, F-1/8, F-2/5, F-3/12, & F- 4/99:00 a-3:00 pOnline
630A03Legal Skills §30.5Friedland*Th-1/7, F-1/8, F-2/5, F-3/12, & F- 4/99:00 a-3:00 pOnline
630A04Legal Skills §40.5Friedland*Th-1/7, F-1/8, F-2/5, F-3/12, & F- 4/99:00 a-3:00 pOnline
63501Legal Analysis, Writing & Research (spring entrants only)3BarfieldTTh1:30-3:00 p A-111
64701Legal Methods and Essay Writing §1 (requirements for registration to be explained)2Gibbs/CornuW10:00 a-12:00 pCPD-113
64702Legal Methods and Essay Writing §2 (requirements for registration to be explained)2Pollack, Billi*W1:00-3:00 pOnline
64703Legal Methods and Essay Writing §3 (requirements for registration to be explained)2Pritchett*W3:30-5:30 p219
64704Legal Methods and Essay Writing §4 (requirements for registration to be explained)2BarfieldTh10:00 a-12:00 pOnline
64705Legal Methods and Essay Writing §5 (required for spring entrants; this section not open to other students)2GibbsW1:00-3:00 p215
68001AConstitutional Law §1A (includes flex and spring entrants)4WiessnerTTh10:00 a-12:00 pA-112
68001BConstitutional Law §1B4WiessnerTTh1:15-3:15 pA-112
68002AConstitutional Law §2A4ConnerTTh10:00 a-12:00 p102
68002BConstitutional Law §2B4ConnerTTh4:00-6:00 p102
68003AConstitutional Law §3A4ChinTTh10:00 a-12:00 p104
68003BConstitutional Law §3B4Chin, J.TTh1:30-3:30 p102
68004AConstitutional Law §4A4Gilbert MW10:00 a-12:00 p104
68004BConstitutional Law §4B4Gilbert MW3:00-5:00 p102
690A 01AProperty §1A (includes flex students)4MenselTTh1:30-3:30 p104
690A 01BProperty §1B 4MenselTTh5:00-7:00 p104
690A 02AProperty §2A4SingerMW10:00a-12:00 pOnline
690A 02BProperty §2B4ZeinerMW10:00a-12:00 pOnline
690A 03AProperty §3A4SingerMW1:00-3:00 pOnline
690A 03BProperty §3B4ZeinerMW1:00-3:00 pOnline
690A 04AProperty §4A4WrightTTh1:30-3:30 p108
690A 04BProperty §4B4WrightTTh6:00-8:00 p108
70501XAdvanced Legal Writing §1X {S} (includes flex students)3WarheitTTh4:00-5:30 p219
70501YAdvanced Legal Writing §1Y {S}3KravitzM 3:00-4:30 p, F 10:00-11:30 a3:00-4:30 pOnline
70501ZAdvanced Legal Writing §1Z {S}3ChanM 3:00-4:30 p, F 10:00-11:30 a3:00-4:30 pOnline
70502XAdvanced Legal Writing §2X {S}3RogatinskyT 1:30-3:00 p, F 9:00-10:30 a1:30-3:00 pOnline
70502YAdvanced Legal Writing §2Y {S}3WarheitT 1:30-3:00 p, F 10:00-11:30 a1:30-3:00 p215
70502ZAdvanced Legal Writing §2Z {S}3Glazer-EshT 1:30-3:00 p, F 9:30-11:00a1:30-3:00 pCPD-113
70503XAdvanced Legal Writing §3X {S}3KravitzT 4:00-5:30 p, F 12:30-2:00 p4:00-5:30 pOnline
70503YAdvanced Legal Writing §3Y {S}3RogatinskyT 4:00-5:30 p, 11:30 a-1:00 p4:00-5:30 pOnline
70503ZAdvanced Legal Writing §3Z {S}3Glazer-EshT 8:15-9:45 a, F 12:00-1:30 p8:15-9:45 aCPD-113
70504XAdvanced Legal Writing §4X {S}3KravitzM 1:00-2:30 p, F 2:30-4:00 p1:00-2:30 pOnline
70504YAdvanced Legal Writing §4Y {S}3WarheitM 1:00-2:30 p, F 12:30-2:00 p1:00-2:30 p215
70504ZAdvanced Legal Writing §4Z {S}3ChanM 1:00-2:30 p, F 12:30-2:00 p1:00-2:30 pOnline
Upper Level Courses
Course #SectionCourse NameCreditsRequirementProfessorDays^Time^Room^
96801Bar Prep Skills I §1 (3L students)4RequiredGibbs/CornuTTh3:45-5:45 pA-112
96802Bar Prep Skills I §2 (3L students)4RequiredGutowskiMW10:00 a-12:00 pA-112
81301Business Associations §14RequiredSullivanTTh1:30-3:30 pOnline
81302Business Associations §24RequiredClarkMW1:00-3:00 pCPD-113
82601Evidence4RequiredLedwonMW3:30-5:30 pOnline
85001Professional Responsibility (3L students ONLY)3RequiredSullivanTTh10:00-11:30Online
80001Administrative Law2ElectiveRizzardiM6:00-8:00 pA-111
86901Admiralty Law3ElectiveCostabel*TTh3:45-5:15 pOnline
81901Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Mediation, and Negotiation2ElectiveKuehne*/Davis*M6:00-8:00 pCPD-113
968A01Bar Prep Skills II §1 (3L students ONLY)2ElectiveFernandez*M6:00-8:00 pA112
968A02Bar Prep Skills II §2 (3L students ONLY)2ElectiveDykasT10:00 a-12:00 pCPD-113
615A01Civil Procedure Focus for the Bar (3L students ONLY)1ElectiveMooreW (1/13-3/3) (3/3 is final exam)3:30-5:30 pOnline
804D01Canon Law2ElectiveHeria, F.*Th10:30 a-12:30 p103
863A01Consumer Finance2ElectiveEhrlich*T6:00-8:00 pOnline
848B01Contracts Focus for the Bar §11ElectiveClark W (1/13-3/3) (SAT: 3/6 - final exam: 10:00 a-12:00 p)6:00-8:00 pOnline
848B02Contracts Focus for the Bar §21ElectiveClarkM-3/8 to F-3/12 (spring break) - Sat: 3/13-final exam:10 a-12:00 p10:00 a-12:30 pOnline
965B01Copyright & Content Management {S}3ElectiveNathensonMW10:45 a-12:15 pOnline
90301Corporate Tax3ElectiveWolffMW11:15 a-12:45 p215
80801Criminal Procedure I §13ElectiveTrawick, Judge *M6:00-9:00 pOnline
80802Criminal Procedure I §23ElectiveLawsonTTh9:00-10:30 a219
90201Estate Planning3ElectiveRobes*/Landolfi*T6:00-9:00 pCPD-113
826A01Evidence Focus for the Bar1ElectiveMooreW (3/10-4/28) (4/28 is final exam)3:30-5:30 pCPD-113
81001Family Law3ElectiveLieberman, Judge*W6:00-9:00 p102
81201Federal Income Taxation4ElectiveButler MW9:00-11:00 aOnline
88101Florida Civil Practice {S}3ElectivePertnoyTTh1:30-3:00 p202
88001Florida Constitutional Law §13ElectiveShepherd, Judge*/Davis, Judge*T6:30-9:30 p102
88002Florida Constitutional Law §2 3ElectiveRizzardiM9:30 a-12:30 pCPD-113
88401Florida Criminal Procedure2ElectiveCoffey, K.*W6:30-8:30 pOnline
884B01Florida Fundamentals Focus for the Bar (3L students ONLY)2ElectiveSandon, P.*/GutowskiT1:30-3:30 pOnline
851A101Guardianship Law3ElectiveZamora*/Zamora*T10:00 a-1:00 p103
83001Immigration Law {S}3ElectiveFonte*Th3:30-6:30 pOnline
94201Innovations and Patent Management {S}3ElectiveNathensonMW3:30-5:00 pOnline
83201International Business Transactions3ElectiveCostabel*TTh1:15-2:45 p218
837C01Judicial Decision-Making: How Judges Think2ElectiveLevine, Judge*W6:00-8:00 pOnline
88601Juvenile Law2ElectiveSilverW6:00-8:00 pOnline
85301Land Use Planning3ElectiveCoffey, J*/Kerbel*Th6:30-9:30 pOnline
83101Law Office Management {S}2ElectiveAbdo-Gomez*Th4:00-6:00 p103
73401Mock Trial - Class Component {S}1ElectiveLaFrance*Th8:15-9:15 p202
734A01Mock Trial Team {S}1 or 2ElectiveLaFrance*Off SiteN/AN/A
71001Moot Court - Class Component {S}1ElectiveBlumberg*M5:30-6:30 p103
710A01Moot Court Team {S}1 or 2ElectiveBlumberg*Off SiteN/AN/A
710I101Moot Court (International Arbitration) {S}1ElectiveWiessner/WarheitOff SiteN/AN/A
836A01Mortgage Foreclosures in a Crisis2ElectiveHamilton*M6:30-8:30 p102
82101Payment Systems3ElectiveMartin, J. MW1:00-2:30 pA-111
86101Pretrial Practice {S}3ElectiveAlvarez*T6:00-9:00 p103
74701Property Focus for the Bar1ElectiveSingerM-3/8 to F-3/12 (spring break) - Sat: 3/13-final exam: 2 p - 4:00 p1:30-3:30 pOnline
84301Real Estate Development & Finance {S}3ElectivePertnoyTTh10:00-11:30 a215
81501Sales2ElectiveMartin, J. T10:00 a-12:00 pOnline
82001Secured Transactions3ElectiveMartin, J. MW9:00-10:30 a219
74501Sports Law2ElectiveTherilusW5:30-7:30 pOnline
89001State & Local Government Law2ElectiveTBATh6:00-8:00 pOnline
953A01Taxation of International Transactions4ElectiveWolff/Blanco*MW9:00-11:00 a215
94101Trade Secrets Law and Policy2ElectiveDickinson*Th6:00-8:00 pOnline
855A301Transnational Criminal Law3ElectiveKlein*MW9:00-10:30 aOnline
76001Trial Advocacy Practice §1 {S}3ElectiveLaFrance*Th5:00-8:00 pOnline
76002Trial Advocacy Practice §2 {S}3ElectiveMarcus, Judge*W3:30-6:30 pOnline
76003Trial Advocacy Practice §3 {S}3ElectiveTowbin-Singer, Judge*/ Davis, L.*T6:30-9:30 pOnline
76004Trial Advocacy Practice §4 {S}3ElectiveRussomanno*M6:00-9:00 pOnline
89101White Collar Crime3ElectivePeoples*T6:00-9:00 p202
84001Wills and Trusts 3ElectiveButler MW1:00-2:30Online
Course #SectionCourse NameCreditsProfessorDays^Time^Room^
899J01International Law in the 21st Century2PatiM3:15-5:15 p202
899Z201Law, Literature, and Popular Culture2LedwonW1:00-3:00 pOnline
899O01Selected Topics in Crim. Law & Crim. Pro.2DaiTh10:00 a-12:00 p202
899Q201United Nations Global Gov. & Global Ethics2Wolff/Holland*ONLINEONLINEOnline
899P01Women and the Law2DaiT3:15-5:15 p202
Course #SectionCourse NameCreditsProfessorDays^Time^Room^
845B01Appellate Litigation Clinic {S}6Blumberg*Th4:30-6:30 p218
93401Bankruptcy Externship Class Component {S} (Offered Spring Only)2Abdo-Gomez*Th6:15-8:15 p103
934AA01Bankruptcy Externship Practice {S} (Offered Spring Only)1Abdo-Gomez*Off-SiteOff-SiteOff-Site
85701Civil Practice Externship {S}4 or 8Martin, T.*T6:30-8:30 p219
86401Criminal Practice Externship {S} 8Noto*Th6:30-8:30 pOnline
87401Elder Law Externship {S} (Offered Spring Only)4Schneider*Th6:30-8:30 p215
87001Florida Supreme Court Internship12DykasOff-SiteOff-SiteOff-Site
835B01Immigration Clinic II {S}6VastineW1:00-3:00 p219
86501Judicial Internship {S}4Lopez, Judge*T6:30-8:30 p215
91101Tax Clinic {S}4BlancoM1:00-3:00 p218
857A0United Nations Internship {S}8WolffOff-SiteOff-SiteOff-Site
857AA01United Nations Internship Class Component {S} 4WolffOff-SiteOff-SiteOff-Site
Graduate Courses in Intercultural Human Rights – LL.M.
Course #Course NameCr.ProfessorDays^Time^Room^
LLM 422 LAW 422Women's Rights and Rights of the Child1Professor Nora Demleitner3/29-4/5 M T W M 6:00-8:55 pA-111
LLM 418A LAW 418AThe Right to Water and Sanitation1Dr. Tebaldo Vinciguerra & Professor Roza Pati4/25-4/28 M T Th F6:00-8:55 pA-111
LLM 421 LAW 421Regional Systems of Human Rights Protection: III The Inter-American System1Professor Viviana Krsticevic2/28-3/4 M T Th F6:00-8:55 pA-111
LLM 421 LAW 421Regional Systems of Human Rights Protection: II The African System1Professor Dr Abadir M. Ibrahim & Professor Viviana Krsticevic2/22-2/26 T Th F, Sa6:00-8:30 p Sa: 8:30 a - 12:40 pA-111
LLM 421 LAW 421Regional Systems of Human Rights Protection: I The European System1Professor Federico Lenzerini & Professor Viviana Krsticevic2/14-2/18 M T Th F6:00-8:55 p A-111
LLM 416B LAW 416BHuman Rights in States of Emergency1Professor Roza Pati3/28-4/1 M T Th F6:00-8:55 pA-111
LLM 416A LAW 416AArmed Conflict & Individual Liability: II International Criminal Law1H.E. Judge Fausto Pocar & Professor Siegfried Wiessner1/18-1/22 T Th F, Sa6:00-8:30 p Sa: 8:30 a - 12:40 pA-111
LLM 416A LAW 416AArmed Conflict & Individual Liability: I Humanitarian Law1Professor Toni Pfanner & Professor Siegfried Wiessner1/10-1/14 M T Th F6:00-8:55 pA-111
LLM 411B LAW11BThe Right to Integral Human Development1Professor Christine Jeangey & Professor Roza Pati4/11-4/13 M T W6:00-9:55pA-111
LLM 418 LAW 418Human Rights and the Environment1Dr. Cosmin Corendea & Professor Roza Pati1/31-2/4 M T W Th6:00-8:55pmA-111

These courses may be taken as elective credits by J.D. students.
J.D. students must register for the Graduate LL.M. Courses at the College of Law Registrar’s Office.
Click here to view the full LL.M. Course Schedule.

Exam Schedule
Wednesday, Mar. 3Saturday, Mar. 6Saturday, Mar. 13Wednesday, April 28
Civil Procedure Focus for the Bar 3:30-5:30 pmContracts Focus for the Bar §2 10:00a-12:00pmContracts Focus for the Bar §2 10:00a-12:00pmEvidence Focus for the Bar 3:30-5:30p
Property Focus for the Bar §1 2:00-4:00pm

Monday, May 3 8:30amTuesday, May 4 8:30amWednesday, May 5 8:30amThursday, May 6 8:30amFriday, May 7 8:30am
Property (all sections)Wills and TrustsBusiness Association §2Criminal Law (all sections)Bar Prep Skills I §1 & §2
Mortgage Foreclosures
Payment Systems
State and Local Government

Monday, May 3 2:00 pmTuesday, May 4 1 2:00 pmWednesday, May 5 2:00 pmThursday, May 6 2:00 pmFriday, May 7 2:00 pm
Federal Income TaxationFlorida Constitutional Law §1No ExamsEvidenceNo Exams
Juvenile LawLand Use PlanningImmigraiton Law
Secured TransactionsSports Law
Taxation of International Law

Monday, May 10 8:30 amTuesday, May 11 8:30 amWednesday, May 12 8:30 amThursday, May 13 8:30 amFriday, May 14 8:30 am
Legal Methods §1, §2, §3, §4 & §5Guardianship Business Association §1AConstitutional Law §1A, §1B, §2A, §2B, §3A, §3B, §4A & §4BNo Exams
Consumer FinanceProfessional ResponsibilityFlorida Civial PracticeBar Prep Skills II §1 & §2
Trade Secrets Law & PolicyFlorida Fundamentals for the Bar

Monday, May 10 2:00 pmTuesday, May 11 2:00 pmWednesday, May 12 2:00 pmThursday, May 13 2:00 pmFriday, May 14 2:00 pm
Corporate TaxCriminal Procedure I §1 & §2Family LawNo ExamNo Exams
Sales §1 & §2Florida Constitutional Law §2
Florida Criminal Procedure
White Collar Crime

No Exam: Take-home, paper, etc.
Administrative LawCopyright and Content ManagementInnovations & Inventions-Patents & Trade SecretsReal Estate Development & Finance
AdmiraltyCyber LawInternational Business TransactionsReal Estate Transactions
Alternative Dispute ResolutionEstate PlanningLaw Office ManagementTransnational Criminal Law
Advanced Civil Procedure: Complex LitigationJudicial Decision MakingPretrial PracticeTrial Advocacy Practice