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Office of the Registrar


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

St. Thomas University, in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, assures the confidentiality of student educational records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Registration Key Points

1. Holds: Clear outstanding holds and balances to avoid registration delays. If unsure you have a hold, please email the College of Law Registrar’s Office at

2. Schedule of Classes/Exam Schedule: Read the email from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs with class schedule information. Also check the emails from the Registrar with registration dates, registration information and updates to the class schedule.

3. Registration How To: Check the Tutorial on how to register through Self-Service in MyBobcat.

4. Keep up with Financial Aid documents and deadlines to avoid delays with loan disbursements. Questions should be addressed to the Director of Law Student Financial Services at

Tutorial: Course Registration in Self-Service
Avoiding Registration Errors and Delays
Class & Exam Schedules

Law students will receive the initial class and exam schedule via email from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Updates to the schedule may also come from the registrar and the revised schedule will be posted on the website under “Schedules and Calendars” at Students should carefully check the exam schedule to avoid registering for classes that have back-to-back exams.


Law students may register and adjust their schedules (add/drop) via the web from the time registration opens to the end of add/drop period. Prior to selecting courses, please review the registration tutorial (tutorial link) if this is your first time registering at STU College of Law to familiarize yourself with the process. Prior to course selection you will need to read and agree to the tuition information with the Business Office.

Add/Drop Period

To check the last day to add/drop classes, please review the Academic Calendar at Courses dropped by the end of the add/drop period will not appear on the transcript. Any courses dropped after this time will appear with a “W” grade. Law students may not drop classes after the end of add/drop period without authorization from the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

Waitlist Process

Once a course section is full, students will need to add themselves to the course section waitlist through self-service. As seats become available in a section, the waitlist process will send an electronic notification to the next student on the list. The seat will be held for 48 hours only; if the student takes no action, the waitlist will expire and the next student on the list will be notified of the available seat. Students that lose their place on the waitlist will need to add themselves back on the list if still interested in the course.

Courses that Require Authorization for Registration

There are certain courses that require prior authorization for registration from a program director/directing professor and these courses have a set zero (0) capacity. Some of these are journals, clinics/externships, and team/competition credits. Students wanting to register for clinics need to contact the Director of Clinical Programs. Students that are eligible to enroll for Team credits (Moot Court/Mock Trial), and or Journal credit need to contact the directing professor for approval. The professor will submit a list to the Registrar’s Office of students eligible for these credits.

Enrollment Load

Students in the Juris Doctor program are not allowed to exceed the semester credit limit. The maximum number of credits in the spring and fall semesters is 15 credits; if an overload is authorized, the maximum allowed is 18 credits. Summer is limited to 7 credits and up to 9 credits maximum with an overload authorization. Students asking for an overload need to complete the “Course and/or Credit Hour Override Form” available from and submit it via email to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for approval.

Registration for Grade Replacement

Students enrolled in the College of Law may retake no more than one course during their tenure for grade replacement in which the student received a C- or lower. The Grade Replacement Form is available from Please do not attempt to register for the course online, return the completed form to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Registration: Class Number/Prefix/Section

Please reference the class schedule and you will notice that the prefix for law courses is “LAW” followed by the course number that may be a combination of numbers and letters, followed by the section, 01, 02, etc. When searching for classes in Self-Service, you may select the term i.e.: 22/SG for Law School Spring, 22/FA for Law School Fall, 22/SS for Law School Summer, to find the courses being offered in the semester rather than the department “LAW” that may list all courses in the database and may NOT be offered in the semester.