Mission Statement

St. Thomas University College of Law trains and graduates lawyers capable of applying legal principles to address and solve problems of an increasingly complex and changing society. The rigorous academic program of the College Law emphasizes lifelong learning and scholarship under Catholic auspices with a diverse student body and faculty. To this end, the College of Law remains committed in teaching, scholarship, and service, to fostering a public order of human dignity, to training lawyers sensitive to the needs of the region’s underrepresented communities, and to expanding access to professional opportunities which includes active partnerships with business, government and the South Florida Community.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the law and the American legal system.

Learning Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate competency in issue spotting, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Learning Outcome 3: Students will demonstrate competency in research.

Learning Outcome 4: Students will communicate effectively and with civility.

Learning Outcome 5: Students will demonstrate competency in legal practice skills.

Learning Outcome 6: Students will exercise proper professional and ethical responsibility to clients and the legal system.

Learning Outcome 7: Students will demonstrate awareness of their moral and ethical responsibility to society.