Message from the Assistant Dean for Enrollment & Scholarships

Congratulations on your acceptance to St. Thomas University School of Law! On behalf of the entire St. Thomas University Community, I would like to welcome you to the St. Thomas Law family. The next three years will be full of exciting challenges and opportunities. I, and the entire Admissions team, look forward to seeing you at any of our Admitted Students events, Introduction to Legal Studies, and Orientation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office at 305-623-2310 or

All admitted students are assigned to one section and pre-registered for first year classes. Each section is broken down into smaller subsections for the Research and Writing Classes. Your section designation will be sent via e-mail in July.

The First-Year Information page provides all pertinent information on the fall semester schedule and the fall examination schedule. Your section’s schedule will indicate when your classes meet and your final exam schedule for the fall term. Before classes begin this fall, the First-Year Information page will be updated to provide the necessary information regarding the required casebooks and your first class assignment for each of your classes.

You can purchase your books in advance if you desire from a number of sources. Books are also available on campus at the University Book Store. In most instances, the University Book Store price matches. You will have an opportunity to purchase books during the Introduction to Legal Studies program and during Orientation.

Jessica Fonseca-Nader,
Assistant Dean for Enrollment & Scholarships