College of Law Faculty & Staff

Excellence is the common thread that runs through STU Law’s academics and the theme that guides the teaching styles of our professorial staff. As leaders in their fields, our faculty members have been called on to share their expertise and render opinions on issues of national and global relevance.

Our faculty has earned their law degrees and, in many cases, their advanced law degrees, from some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions. Their record of publication of both text books and in the leading law reviews is outstanding, and their practical experience is vast. But St. Thomas Law is more than academics. True to the core values held by our university, our faculty members guide national and local policy on human rights and the environment, lead national organizations, and offer assistance to the indigent.

A hallmark of the STU Law experience is the open-door policy maintained by faculty and administration alike. Faculty is readily accessible to students to clarify material from class, to offer guidance, or simply to discuss an interesting point of law. We invite you to learn more about our distinguished faculty and administration.