Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) exists to enhance students’ experiences at St. Thomas University College of Law. SAO helps students take advantage of the opportunities available and navigate any academic, personal, or health challenges that may arise as they pursue their legal education. SAO offers counseling and advice on both academic and personal matters, ranging from course selection or roommate issues to health matters and family emergencies and can also point students to other campus resources. SAO serves as a liaison between students and faculty or other administrators and advocates for students and student organizations. We support and fund student organizations and journals and their events and host many of our own, from wellness programs to presentations on academics or the bar exam to major events such as orientation and graduation. We work to coordinate accommodations for students with disabilities and we maintain connections with other resources on campus. STU Law benefits from the energy and idea of its students, so we welcome your comments and ideas.

Cristobal Perez
Director of Law Student Support Services
(305) 305.623.2318
Grace Headley
Student Affairs and Information Coordinator
(305) 474.6836 ·