Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The major of psychology explores the world of behavior and the processes of the mind. Students will study the many areas of this field from counseling and the treatment of mental disorders to the application of psychology in the workplace and community. Students will learn about the relationship between the mind and the body and examine human culture and diversity. Students may specialize in legal and forensic psychology, experimental research, field based community evaluation, action research, social and organizational fields. The fields of business, law, government, education and human services are areas that are open to psychology majors. Psychology is an excellent way to better understand ourselves and those around us. Because human behaviors, thoughts and emotions form an important part of many academic disciplines, the psychology major serves as an excellent background for a wide variety of careers.

Research is an important and integral part of our psychology curriculum. The psychology department has two laboratories that are exclusively devoted to psychology students conducting research. Psychology majors participate in hands-on original research provided by an experienced, productive, and stimulating faculty research mentor. Many of our psychology majors plan on attending graduate school. Experience in designing, analyzing and presenting original research is a component that graduate admissions committees consider a key skill contributing to a student’s success in graduate school.

St. Thomas University psychology majors also have an opportunity to work as mentors and tutors with students in the local community. Students travel to local schools, including Carol City Middle School and Carol City High School, and to local youth service agencies, such as the North Dade Youth and Family Coalition (NDYFC). The college students perform tutoring and conduct “report card review” mentoring programs during a series of visits during each semester. Faculty and students assist the schools and local community by participating with faculty in science fairs, research, internships, tutoring, and school beautification activities. This is another opportunity for psychology majors to use real life opportunities in their quest to become “Leaders for Life”.

Featured Professors

Career Opportunities

  • Business, law, and human resources positions
  • Sales and advertising and market research firms
  • Educational opportunities such as teaching
  • Government agencies such as the FBI and Homeland Security
  • Serving in a helping role in a school or agency setting

Curriculum (Course Sampling)

PSY 365 Sensation and Perception
A study of how the senses work and how humans perceive the world around them. This course includes a detailed examination of anatomical, physiological and behavioral aspects of the major senses. Clinical deficits in sensation/perception are studied.

PSY 446 Health Psychology
The course examines the role of personality type, emotional, reactions, social support and other factors as they affect the immune system and other health-defense mechanisms. Special focus is given to the role of Eastern and Western cultural philosophies on health and well-being.

PSY 403 Psychology of Gender
An overview of the psychological, social and emotional development of women in western society and the impact of past and current societal influences upon that development. Differences and commonality between genders is discussed.

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