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Campus Directory

Financial Aid
Name Title Phone Number Email
Marguerite Powell Director of Financial Aid (305) 474-6965 mpowell@stu.edu
Aimee Moran Assistant Director of Financial Aid (305) 474-6964 Jmoran2@stu.edu
Student Success Center
Name Title Phone Number Email
Gretell Garcia Director, Student Success Center (305) 628-6629 GGarcia@stu.edu
Magda Fernandez-Torres Academic Advisor (305) 474-6937 Magda@stu.edu
Olga Palacio Academic Advisor OPalacios@stu.edu
Name Title Phone Number Email
Maria Abdel Registrar (305) 474-6950 MAbdel@stu.edu
Jaime Lopez Assistant Registrar (305) 474-6950 Jlopez@stu.edu
Omar Cardentey Student Services Rep. (305) 474-6955 ocardentey@stu.edu
Gema Altamar Record Services Rep. (305) 474-6956 galtmar@stu.edu
Human Resources
Name Title Phone Number Email
TBD Human Resources Director (305) 474-6871
Business Office
Name Title Phone Number Email
Carlos Chaves Office Manager (305) 628-6560 cchaves@stu.edu
Alex Matolcsy Financial Counselor (305) 628-6507 amatolcsy@stu.edu
Maribel Smith Assoc.V.P. Finance & Controller (305) 628-6704 maribel.smith@stu.edu
Name Title Phone Number Email
Admissions Main Office (305) 928-2865 (Call or Text) admissions@stu.edu
Whitney Battoe Director of Admissions (305) 376-7534 (Call or Text) WBattoe@STU.EDU
Jeniffer Servellon-Lozano Sr. International Admissions Counselor (305) 882-9778 (Call or Text) JServellon@STU.EDU
Steven Everson Admissions Counselor (305) 474-6822) SEverson@STU.EDU
Bryan Schmidt Admissions Counselor (305) 628-6620 BSchmidt@STU.EDU
Falon Evans Transfer Admissions Counselor (305) 474-6073) FEvans@stu.edu
Name Title Phone Number Email
Help Desk General Help Desk (305) 628-6610 helpdesk@stu.edu

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