Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

St. Thomas University, Miami, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance prepares graduates for a career in finance, accounting, or general management, and unlocks a variety of career opportunities with financial institutions, other corporate entities, or in the fields of international finance or financial planning. In addition to specific finance classes, graduates will have studied the major functional activities of business. Students will have the ability to manage corporate operations, analyze capital markets and asses investment opportunities. Internships opportunities enable students to combine theory and experiential learning under the guidance of departmental faculty and industry professionals.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance is a management and administration degree, greatly sought by graduates schools and industry, particularly those into subfields and related industries such as, financial corporations, and government, among others.


  • STU scholars receive personalized attention with average class sizes of 15
  • Business Courses that help accelerate to management careers
  • Access to professionals in the industry who serve as adjunct professors, guest lecturers and mentors, many of whom are our alumni
  • Opportunities to get experience through volunteer work, service learning and internships


    St. Thomas University, Miami provides many networking opportunities, alumni connections, business & professional association affiliations, work-study and internship positions that are available locally, nationally and internationally.

    Some of the job titles in this field include, Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Finance Director and Account Manager.

  • The average salary for Business Administrator in financial position range from $50,000 to $130,000.
  • It is a versatile occupation, offering a large number of career possibilities.
  • The graduates will be able to find work in the finance, accounting or the general management industry, or continue their education in graduate school.

  • CURRICULUM (Course Sampling)

    FIN 4604 Principles of International Corporate Finance
    FIN 315 Investments and Portfolio Management
    FIN 412 Financial Administration II
    BUS 499 Internship in Business


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