Master of Business Administration in International Business

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The MBA in International Business program is designed to provide students with key benefits such as broad business education, knowledge of consumer psychology, experience in communication and analysis and decision-making skills.

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For questions, contact Lloyd Mitchell, Program Director, at 305-628-6622

Career Opportunities

  • Import/Export
  • International Trade and Commerce
  • Multinational Organization Management


Preparatory Courses and Core Courses*** – 30 Credits

Preparatory Courses (Required if lacking a business undergraduate degree)

ACC 500 Fundamentals of Accounting (3)

BUS 724 Foundation for Business Studies (3)

BUS 532 Statistical Analysis for Management (3)


Core Courses *** – 21 credits

ACC 770* Managerial Accounting (3)

BUS 704 Policy, Planning and Strategy Systems (3**)

BUS 775 International Business (3)

BUS 750 Strategic Marketing Management (3)

FIN 751 Financial Management (3)

BUS 777 Data Analytics for Business (3)

MAN 700 Organizational Behavior (3)


* For the MBA in Accounting, students who have completed the undergraduate accounting major prerequisites should substitute a fourth course from the specialization for ACC 770.

ACC 770 requires either ACC 500 or an undergraduate degree in business.

BUS 775 and FIN 751 require BUS 724 or undergraduate degree in business.

BUS 777 BUS 532 or an undergraduate degree in business; it is recommended that Bus 532 be taken before or concurrently with BUS 750 if needed.

** Students should take this course in their final 1-3 (7 week) terms, after the core have been completed


International Business Specialization*** – 9 Credits

Three of the following courses:

BUS 672        Global Marketing Concepts & Strategies (3)

BUS 771        International Business Law (3)

FIN  772        International Finance and Banking (3)

BUS 795        International Management (3)

BUS 789        Graduate Project (3)

BUS 792**    Business Internship I (3)

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