Master of Business Administration in International Business (MBA-IB)

Learn about the many opportunities in the ever-changing international business field by exploring our MBA-IB program!

Miami is a major center of global trade and commerce with international companies from the banking, technology, services, and consumer goods industries having operations in the city. What better place than Miami to learn about international business?! Moreover, St. Thomas University’s affordable and quality international business program provides great overall value to the student!

The Master of Business Administration – International Business (MBA-IB) program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary for a management career in the international business field. Irrespective of your undergraduate background, you are welcome to learn more about and apply to the MBA-IB program. The MBA-IB is convenient for working professionals as all classes are offered in the evenings.

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Program Highlights

  • Fully on-campus program
  • Affordable
  • Year-round enrollment
  • No GRE or GMAT
  • Evening classes
  • Earn your degree in as little as 12-15 months


Program Opportunities                                                                  

  • Project-based learning: opportunity to participate in short-term international business projects with real global companies from around the world.
  • Multidisciplinary curriculum that will provide exposure to key concepts in entrepreneurship, importing and exporting, marketing, and finance.
  • Opportunity to work on cutting-edge international business research with faculty who have published in reputable business journals/publications.
  • Opportunity to work with people from other parts of the world to solve global business problems and develop global business strategies.
  • Learn in classes that are small sized. These small sized classes will help you to interact closely with your professor and to achieve a more personalized education experience.
  • Opportunities to learn about some key international business organizations through field trips, internships, consulting projects.

The Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area is home to many major organizations involved in international business. These include:


Career Opportunities

Students in the MBA-IB will have the opportunity to pursue the following career opportunities:

  1. International trade specialist
  2. International business development manager
  3. International market researcher
  4. International buyer and planner/supply chain and operations
  5. Business analyst
  6. Management consultant

The MBA-IB gives students the skill set needed to manage and lead global businesses and to start their own international businesses.


Master of Business Administration: 36-45 Credits

Preparatory Courses (if required)

  • ACC 530 Essentials of Accounting: 3 Credits
  • BUS 532 Statistical Analysis for Management: 3 Credits
  • BUS 724 Foundation for Business Studies: 3 Credits

Core Courses: 24 Credits

  • BUS 704 Policy, Planning and Strategy Systems: 3 Credits
  • BUS 775 International Business: 3 Credits
  • BUS 750 Strategic Marketing Management: 3 Credits
  • FIN 751 Financial Management: 3 Credits
  • BUS 777 Data Analytics for Business: 3 Credits
  • MAN 700 Organizational Behavior: 3 Credits
  • MAN 510 Management Ethics: 3 Credits

International Business Specialization: 12 Credits
Four of the following courses:

  • BUS 536 Entrepreneurship: 3 Credits
  • BUS 672 Global Marketing Concepts & Strategies: 3 Credits
  • BUS 771 International Business Law: 3 Credits
  • FIN 772 International Finance and Banking: 3 Credits
  • BUS 774 Issues and Applications in Import/Export: 3 Credits
  • BUS 795 International Management: 3 Credits
  • BUS 789 Graduate Project: 3 Credits
  • BUS 792** Business Internship I: 3 Credits


Specific course descriptions

BUS 774: Issues and applications in import/export Contemporary issues in import and export. Determination of market demand, locating export markets, promotions, financing procedures, laws and documentation for exports and imports. Trade zones, dealing with banks, and techniques to reduce risk.

FIN 772: International Finance and Banking An overview of the international financial system from the viewpoint of the corporate executive. Balance of payments, foreign exchange, financing and banking operations and institutions, capital budgeting and foreign investments, euro-currency, international bond and capital markets.


Student Testimonials

“There were many positive attributes regarding my experience at STU.  Overall, the professors were outstanding.  The course material is presented in a clear and relevant manner.  Group projects are encouraged.  This prepares the student for the business world where one must work with others.  Additionally, since many of the students are foreign, this also prepares the student for the business world which is more and more diverse.

I work in the logistics department of an international pharmaceutical company.  We are currently part of the solution to the covid pandemic.  Our clients include the major pharmaceutical companies that have developed the vaccines for the American market.  I have definitely applied many skills and knowledge I obtained during my studies at STU.” –James, R. (International Business alumnus, St. Thomas University)



Tuition per Credit Hour Technology Fee Per Course Total Tuition & Fees
Tuition $800 $75 $29,550


Start Terms

The Master of Business Administration offers six start terms throughout the year. Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions to learn more.


Admission Requirements

Admission to the MBA program requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, with the following required coursework or equivalents:

  • A completed and signed university Application for Admission
  • Official college and/or university baccalaureate transcripts from the institution where the degree was conferred
  • An undergraduate degree with a GPA of 2.75 or higher


Graduation Requirements

For graduation, students need to earn a B or better in every course and attain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
Individual advising and answers to questions about courses are available by contacting the Program Coordinator/Director, Dr. Nicholas Mathew



Office of Graduate Admissions
Call or Text: 305-563-8792

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