Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence

St. Thomas University’s Applied AI Certificate equips undergraduates with AI principles, ethics, and Prompt Engineering. Through four online courses, it prepares students for AI’s evolving landscape with technical expertise and ethical understanding.

The Applied AI Certificate program at St. Thomas University is designed to equip undergraduates with a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) principles, applications, ethical considerations, and the specialized area of Prompt Engineering. This innovative program, comprising four online courses, aims to prepare students for the evolving AI landscape across industries, fostering both technical proficiency and ethical awareness.

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Potential Program Outcomes:

High Employability Rate: Graduates of the Applied AI Certificate program are projected to have a high employability rate within six months of completion, leveraging the urgent industry demand for AI-skilled professionals. Based on industry feedback, job market trends, and the program’s focus on both technical and ethical AI skills, an anticipated outcome could be that over 90% of graduates find employment in AI-related fields or pursue further education in advanced AI studies.

Increased Earning Potential: With the comprehensive skills acquired from the program, including foundational AI concepts, applied generative AI, prompt engineering, and ethical considerations in AI, graduates are positioned for roles that command higher salaries compared to peers without specialized AI education. A potential outcome could be that graduates see an average salary increase of 20% compared to their peers in similar technical fields without AI specialization.

Positive Impact on AI Innovation and Ethics: A key goal of the program is to prepare students to contribute to responsible AI innovation. A projected outcome could be that within a few years of graduation, a significant percentage of alumni are and will continue to be actively involved in projects or initiatives that advance ethical AI practices, whether in industry positions, entrepreneurial ventures, or academic research.

Comprehensive AI Education: Offers a thorough understanding of Artificial Intelligence, covering principles, applications, ethical considerations, and the specialized field of Prompt Engineering, equipping students for the evolving AI landscape.

Program Facts:

Innovative Curriculum: It comprises four online courses (AI Foundations, Applied Generative AI, AI Prompt Engineering, Ethics in Applied AI) that blend technical proficiency with ethical awareness, preparing students for ethical leadership in AI applications across industries.

Accessible Learning: The program is delivered entirely online, making it accessible to undergraduates globally, with no prerequisites required, fostering inclusivity and broad participation.

Industry-Relevant Skills: Designed in response to the urgent industry demand for professionals skilled in both AI technologies and ethical considerations, ensuring graduates are highly employable and ready to contribute to responsible AI innovation.

Ethical AI Focus: A significant emphasis on ethical considerations in AI, aiming to foster responsible AI use, equipping students to navigate ethical complexities associated with AI deployment.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Encourages interdisciplinary learning, bridging the gap between technical AI applications and ethical considerations, enhancing employability and innovation.

Expert Faculty and Resources: Taught by faculty with expertise in computer science, AI, and ethics, leveraging St. Thomas University’s robust online infrastructure and library resources to ensure a high-quality learning experience.

Zero Prerequisites: Open to all undergraduates interested in AI, with no prerequisites, making it an accessible option for students from various academic backgrounds.

Cutting-edge Education: Aligns with St. Thomas University’s mission to offer relevant, cutting-edge education, preparing students to be leaders in a technology-driven future.

Strategic Career Preparation: Prepares students for meaningful careers in AI, equipped with both technical know-how and the ethical grounding necessary to lead responsibly.

Course Highlights:

CIS 215: AI Foundations: Explore the essentials of AI technology and its impact on industries worldwide. Learn to identify AI opportunities and analyze successful implementations.

CIS 216: Applied Generative AI: Delve into the creative world of generative AI, applying these technologies to solve real-world problems while assessing their ethical implications.

CIS 217: AI Prompt Engineering: Master the art of AI project management, from strategic planning to effective team leadership, ensuring the successful integration of AI within organizational processes.

CIS 218: Ethics in Applied AI: Champion ethical AI use, understand the importance of responsible innovation, and advocate for practices that benefit society.

Invest in Your Technological Expertise:

  • Cost Per 3 Credit Course: $1,245 tuition
  • Total Program Credits: 12 college credits

Unlock the potential of AI in your professional journey and become a part of the next wave of innovation. Enroll now in St. Thomas University’s online Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence and transform your career!


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For more information about this program, contact:

Timothy M. Stafford, PhD
Director of Graduate Education and Research Academic Affairs