BA in Sports Management

Doctor of Business Administration in Sports Management

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Sports Administration is designed to prepare individuals for management positions in the sports industry and faculty positions in higher education. The degree program prepares graduates in a Business and Sports background, as well as establishing a strong research base. The program requires completion of 90 credit hours of graduate level course work beyond the baccalaureate degree. It is perfect for doctoral candidates who have earned a Masters of Business Administration or a Master’s degree in Sports Administration/Management, as they will transfer in towards the doctoral degree.

Featured Professors

  • Dr. Ted Abernethy, Director of Sports Administration programs. Over 20 years of experience
  • Dr. Seok-Ho Song, Sports Administration Professor and Advisor. Over 10 years of experience.
  • Dr. Robert Epling, Associate Professor of Sports Administration and Advisor. Over 20 years of experience.


Career Outcomes

The sports field has a need for more qualified professionals with a strong business background. The DBA in Sports Administration curriculum provides professional preparation for management and leadership positions with professional sports teams, intercollegiate athletics, and higher education. Most Masters and Doctoral programs in Sports Administration/Management do not provide their graduates with Business Administration credentials. Additionally, most MBA programs do not provide their graduates with Sports Administration/Management credentials. Therefore, our DBA curriculum will make our graduates uniquely qualified in the field.

What Can You Do with a Sports Management Degree


Featured Alumni

Al Avila ’86, general manager of the Detroit Tigers, has been with the  Tigers for 15 years. Under his leadership, the Tigers have won the American League Pennant in 2006 and 2012, and won four straight AL Central titles from 2011-2014

Andy Elisburg ’89, general manager and senior vice president of operations for the Miami Heat, joined the franchise in its inaugural 1988 season. For the past 21 years, he has been working in basketball operations, and has played an integral role in salary cap planning and basketball operations management, while overseeing the day-to-day operations at American Airlines Arena.

Dave Gettleman ’86, general manager of the New York Giants, has been a part of seven Super Bowl teams, including three winners. He was with Buffalo in 1990 and 1991, Denver in 1997, the Giants in 2000, 2007 and 2011, and Carolina in 2015. The Broncos and the 2007 and 2011 Giants both won the championship.



Research Requirments

BUS 801: Quantitative Research in Business Administration
BUS 802: Qualitative Research in Business Administration
BUS 803: Theory in Business Research
BUS 804: Research Design in Business Administration

Doctoral Dissertation

SPO 810: Doctoral Dissertation I (1 – 6 credits)
SPO 811: Doctoral Dissertation II (1 – 6 credits)
SPO 812: Doctoral Dissertation II (1 – 6 credits)
SPO 813: Doctoral Dissertation IV
SPO 814: Doctoral Dissertation V
SPO 815: Doctoral Dissertation VI

Business Administration Requirements

Preparatory Courses (if needed)

ACC 500: Fundamentals of Accounting (1 credit)
ECO 500: Fundamentals of Economics (1 credit)
BUS 500: Fundamentals of Statistics (1 credit)

Business Administration Core

ACC 770: Managerial Accounting
BUS 670: Advanced Operations Management
BUS 704: Policy, Planning and Strategy Systems
BUS 705: Advanced Information Systems
BUS 750: Marketing Management
ECO 534: Managerial Economics for Business Decision-Making
FIN 751: Financial Management
MAN 510/ SPO 510: Management Ethics OR Sports Ethics
MAN 700: Organizational Behavior

Sports Administration Requirements

Sports Administration Core (12 credits)

SPO 717: Seminar/Principles of Sports Administration
SPO 719: Legal Aspects of Sports Administration
SPO 750: Issues in Sports Administration
SPO 755: Special Topics in Sports Administration

Sports Administration Electives (15 credits)

SPO 510: Sports Ethics
SPO 540: Sports Media and Public Relations
SPO 543: Sports Financial Management
SPO 544: Sports Marketing and Promotions
SPO 547: Principles of Leisure Services
SPO 548: Sports Psychology
SPO 549: Athletic Fundraising
SPO 551: Negotiation in the Sports Industry
SPO 552: Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics
SPO 789: Directed Readings
SPO 790: Supervised Internship I

Electives (6 credits)

(Choose two from any graduate ACC, BUS, ECO, FIN, MAN or SPO course)



Admissions Requirements

  • A completed and signed Application for Admission.
  • Official college and/or university transcripts from the institution(s) where the previous degree(s) was(were) conferred.
  • Two letters of recommendation or recommendation forms (letters of recommendation forms can be obtained online at or from the Office of Admissions).
  • Personal Goal Statement and Resume or Curricular Vitae.
  • A minimum 3.25 GPA from the previous institution(s) attended.
  • A minimum score on the following standardized tests is required: GRE 154 Q., 154 V. GMAT 600*


For applicants who do not meet the GPA and GRE requirements, demonstration of appropriate work experience, including five years of progressive professional, technical, or executive experience documented on the required resume will be considered in the admissions review process.


Contact Graduate Adviser Dr. Ted Abernethy, Program Director, at 305-628-6630

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