Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising

What is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion Merchandising involves the business side of the fashion industry. Part fashion, style and creativity mixed with business and analytical skills. Students in the program will learn how to buy, sell, develop and market fashion products to a specific customer. St. Thomas University Fashion Merchandising major is an inclusive, business-oriented program offering students a comprehensive look into the fashion industry. Courses include Personal Styling Analysis, Textiles for Apparel, Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising, Product Development in the Fashion Industry and many more!

Why Fashion at St. Thomas University?

Miami is host to a large variety of fashion events, including Miami Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and various apparel and textile trade shows. Miami Swim week is a globally recognized fashion event featuring men’s, women’s and children’s swimwear, beachwear, active wear, resort wear, cruise and accessories for sale. Over 5,000 buyers from around the world attend the trade shows, the runway shows, and all the other satellite events that are part of the week.

You’ll get personal attention from professors with our 12:1 student to teacher ratio.

You’ll have unique learning and experiential opportunities (Miami Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, tours of fashion companies, etc.).

Opportunity to travel Internationally every other year to Fashion capitals of the world including Paris, London, Milan and more!

You’ll have access to industry experts that work right in Miami as guest speakers.

You’ll benefit from hands-on learning through field trips to manufacturers, retailers, and other fashion industry locations.

Project based learning including Professional Development as the capstone course preparing students for success after graduation in the Fashion Industry.

Many Internship opportunities in Miami for valuable learning experiences.

Having access to the variety of corporate headquarters allow for field trips, experiential learning, hands-on opportunities and intership experiences. Corporate retailer’s headquarters located in the Miami area include:

  • Logo for Perry Ellis International
  • Logo for Vertical Textiles
  • Logo for UA Brands
  • Logo for Eberjay
  • Logo for Chewy
  • Logo for Intradeco Apparel

Career Landscape

Many different job opportunities in the fashion industry including auxiliary positions. Graduates can work in fashion marketing, merchandising, styling, licensing, product development, buying, account management and much more.

Average Salaries for Fashion Related Careers:

  • Average Fashion: $71,216
  • Fashion Marketing: $66,607
  • Fashion Merchandiser: $65,540
  • Visual Merchandising: $67,718
  • Buyer: $56,380
  • Product Development: $84,131
  • Fashion Brand Manager: $71,502
  • Licensing Director: $93,017
  • Event Coordinator: $43,029
  • Fashion Journalist: $41,616
  • Manufacturing Production Manufacturing Salary: $46,000
  • Account Executive: $70,000
  • Product Marketing Manager: $100,000
  • Product Manager: $75,000
  • Sales Consultant: $80,000
  • Account Manager: $65,000

Internship and Job Placement Opportunities

Miami Swim week, Miami Fashion Week, various corporate headquarters in the Miami area.

Curriculum Highlights

FAS 103: Personal Styling Analysis

This course is an analysis of the aesthetic components of fashionable clothing as an expression and product of the times. Students will survey clothing and textile designers, build a fashion vernacular, and research fashion designers from the past and present.

FAS 202: Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising

This course studies various components of a manufacturer or retailer’s promotional techniques, including visual merchandising. Also, the courses will explore forms of advertising and special events to evaluate their applications in various situations. Students will analyze all facets of the promotional mix, and the impact technology has on the consumer.

FAS 299: International Study Abroad Tour in the Fashion Industry

The Fashion Merchandising Study Abroad Tour provides students with opportunities to experience a unique cultural view of the fashion industry in cities across the world. Suggested locations would include London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Milan, among others. All these cities are full of history of both the textile and apparel industries. Study abroad opportunities combine classroom knowledge with cultural experiences and is a perfect option for students who are looking to expand their knowledge of the global fashion industry. Students will also make cultural and historical site visits.

FAS 400: Product Development in the Fashion Industry

This course thoroughly discusses the fashion merchandiser’s role as a product line developer. We will explore the processes of apparel product development, including trend forecasting, color and fabric management, garment styling and line development, concept to product processes, developing the brand, business planning, and creative development. Students will research populations, synthesize data, formulate plans, and primary source markets to justify a ready-to-wear collection for a target market of their choice. Students will simultaneously learn how to utilize Adobe Illustrator to create technical drawings, fashion flats, and inspiration boards to create his/her product line for women, men, or children.

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