MBA Cyber Security

Master of Business Administration in Cyber Security

The St. Thomas University Master of Business Administration degree is designed for students who are currently in, or plan to enter, responsible positions of management. The MBA program provides a balance between the quantitative and qualitative aspects of management and focuses on the needs of part-time students who may have special concerns because of their employment responsibilities. The MBA also provides an opportunity for full-time students to complete the degree program in as few as seven nine-week terms, i.e., less than 18 months.

St. Thomas University’s Cyber Security and Information Security courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of cyber security management and the major functional activities related to the protection of information and technology assets of organizations. The MBA in Management / Cyber Security Management degree is designed to address current industry demands of the global job market while having a strong focus on business administration.

Online Master of Business Administration in Cyber Security also available.

MBA in Cyber Security Degree Highlights

  • Working professionals can earn the degree in one year
  • Industry relevant curriculum geared towards student success
  • Designed for students with diverse backgrounds
  • Opportunity to network with notable industry leaders and professionals
  • Strong emphasis on internships and job placements

Top 3 Careers in Cyber Security→

Career Landscape

Some of the job titles in this field include, Chief Information Security Officer, Cyber Security Researcher, Information Security Professor, Information Privacy Scientist, Security Information Technology Expert, Forensics Expert, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Security/Privacy Officer, Senior Vice President Cyber Security Strategy.

  • The Average salary for a Cyber Security professional in the United States is $116,000
  • There are more than 209,000 available jobs in the Cyber Security industry in the United States
  • The Cyber Security profession is growing at a rate of 36.5% through 2022
  • There is currently a Worldwide shortage of Cyber Security professionals: 1 million openings



Core Courses – 24 Credits

Preparatory Courses (Required if lacking a business undergraduate degree)

ACC 500        Fundamentals of Accounting (3)

BUS 724        Foundation for Business Studies (3)

BUS 532        Statistical Analysis for Management (3)


Core Courses                                                                                                                  24 credits

ACC 770*       Managerial Accounting (3)

BUS 704        Policy, Planning and Strategy Systems (3**)

BUS 775        International Business (3)

BUS 750        Strategic Marketing Management (3)

FIN  751        Financial Management (3)

BUS 777        Data Analytics for Business (3)

MAN 700        Organizational Behavior (3)

MAN 510        Management Ethics (3)


* For the MBA in Accounting, students who have completed the undergraduate accounting major prerequisites should substitute a fourth course from the specialization for ACC 770.

ACC 770 requires either ACC 500 or an undergraduate degree in business.

BUS 775 and FIN 751 require BUS 724 or undergraduate degree in business

BUS 777 BUS 532 or an undergraduate degree in business; it is recommended that Bus 532 be taken before or concurrently with BUS 750 if needed

** Students should take this course in their final 1-3 (7 week)  terms, after the core have been completed


Cyber Security Management Specialization – 12 Credits (On-Campus)

Four of the following courses: (12 credits)

BUS 511        Cyber Security Management Law (3)

BUS 536        Entrepreneurship (3)

BUS 608        Ethical Hacking for Business (3)

MIS 673        Cyber Security Governance+ (3)

MIS  674       Enterprise Information Security+ (3)              

MIS 675        Cyber Security Operations+ (3)

MIS  677       Cyber Security Technologies (3)

BUS 792**        Business Internship I  (3)

+ These courses will help students to prepare for the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) – Information Security Manager Competency Skills Certification Program.

Featured Professors

Jose Rocha, Ph.D.

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