Fashion Law Society

The objective of the Fashion Law Society shall be to fulfill the long-standing need of law students and faculty members for an organization that would bring persons especially interested in the study of fashion law into closer association with one another for their mutual benefit; to advance and diffuse knowledge and interest in fashion law among the students of this collegiate institution; to encourage scholarship in fashion law as well as interest in intellectual property.

The objectives and activities of this chapter may vary from year to year, based on the representatives of the chapter, guaranteeing essential flexibility. However, the chapter may not fail to ensure that the students possessing the qualifications required will not be afforded the opportunity to become a proponent of the above principles and a member of the Fashion Law Society.

Board Members

Anna Mendez, President
Giselle Alvarez, Vice President
Linney Magdaleno, Treasurer
Jaclyn N. Kosinski, Executive Secretary
Janelle De Moya, Administrative Secretary
Grace Perez De La Mesa, Fashion Marketing Director
Cinthya Gomez, Social Media Director
Laura Rodriguez, Public Relations Chair
Annabelle Cubenas, Members Relations Chair

Faculty Advisor

Zachary Catanzaro

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