Public Interest Law Society

Public Interest Law is multi-faceted, which provides our club with the unique opportunity to focus on a wide range of topics and participate in various non-profit organization events in our community. We advocate for the environment, animals, women, youth, underprivileged families, civil rights, and persons with disabilities. Our speaker events include public defenders, animal rights attorneys, children advocacy lawyers, prosecutors, and more. Our pro-bono events include beach clean-ups, horse rescues, shelters, therapeutic centers for disabilities, and additional opportunities to give back. Join us as we work together to strengthen our community.

Executive Board

Yasmin Rodriguez, President
Gabriella DeSabato, Executive Duty Officer
Alexis Rudolph, Executive Clerk
Valeria Sosa, Vice President of Events and Advocacy
Bradley Ginnett, Vice President of Public Relations
Victor Quesada, Vice Clerk
Roberto Ascencio, Treasurer
Madison Steinkamp, Social Media Manager

Faculty/Staff Advisor

Anthony Musto

Contact Us

Ig: @stu_pils