The St. Thomas University College of Law Trial Team (“STU Trial Team”) is an honors organization that is comprised of students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in trial advocacy. The STU Trial Team takes pride on its tradition and history of excellence and success as it is one of the top teams in the nation with an outstanding record of numerous regional and national championships as well as individual student awards. The Team follows a standard of “excellence demands consistency” which demands its members to uphold a commitment to excellence and refusal to be outworked.

What will I learn on the Trial Team?

The program teaches students how to prepare a case from pre-trial to trial disposition. Trial Team members learn to develop a winning case theory, communicate logically, make coherent and persuasive arguments, think critically on their feet and connect with a jury among other essential skills.

Each year, the STU Trial Team sends multiple teams to represent St. Thomas University College of Law at different competitions across the nation. At these competitions, students advocate on their client’s behalf through opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations and closing statements. Student use the Federal Rules of Evidence to demonstrate why the evidence offered to the jury is either admissible or inadmissible.

Competition teams are coached by a select group of St. Thomas Law alumni and local trial attorneys. In addition “guest judges” are often invited from the local legal community to offer their perspective on students’ case theory and performances.

The St. Thomas Law Trial Team invites you to join its tradition of excellence!