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Information for Visitors



The Law library is located in the east side of the Law School building. The entrance is on the east side of the first floor of the Law School breezeway.

For information on how to get to the Law School click here.


Main Library Phone: (305) 623-2330
Circulation Desk: (305) 623-2332
Reference: (305) 623-2331
Faculty Services: (305) 623-2339
Classroom Technologies Support: (305) 474-2428



Monday - Thursday: 7:30am – 12:00am
Friday: 7:30am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 12:00am


For hours during holidays, intersessions, and exams, please refer to the Library's home page.

During reading and exam hours, when posted, the Law Library will be open ONLY to University students and faculty.

Please note: Twenty minutes before library closing, the lights will be flashed. Closing procedures will start fifteen minutes before library closing. At that time, the copy rooms and the computer lab will close.

First Floor Reading Rooms Extended Hours

The First Floor Reading Rooms of the Law Library are open to STU Law Students and recent graduates for hours in addition to the regularly library opening schedule.

Students must have their STU ID to access the reading room after hours, no exceptions can be made. To enter the rooms, students should touch their STU issued ID to the black electronic pad located to the right of the reading room exterior entrance. The lock will then release and the student in question will have access to the room. Please note: providing reading room access to any unauthorized persons is a violation of the Law School Honor Code and will be reported to the Honor Council for their immediate review.

In addition to the general hours listed below, the reading room is generally available in accordance with following parameters:

  • The reading rooms are open anytime the library is open and is accessible via the library circulation area.
  • The reading rooms hours may vary during intersession periods.
  • The reading room are generally open on University holidays which the library is not open, but is generally not open during the winter break when the university is closed. Please refer to the library home page for specific holiday hours
  • The reading room are generally not open overnight the night of or preceding a holiday, and will not reopen until the regular library opening the day following a holiday.

First Floor Reading Rooms Extended Hours Schedule
Open 24-Hours (except as noted above).

Printing/Wifi Instructions


St. Thomas University students, faculty, and staff can print from our computer labs as well as from their personal computers while on-campus.

To print from personal computers, print-application software must be downloaded and install on any machine needed for printing. Print software can be downloaded from OITs Student Printing page.

After installation is complete, users should send print jobs to the STU Student Printer which now appears in their print menu. Print jobs can be picked up at any network printer using a STU ID Card or by network ID login information on the printer touch screen. Detailed instructions can be found on the OIT Student Printing page.

Wireless Internet Access

St. Thomas University utilizes an open-access wireless Internet network on campus. Patrons can connect to the STU_WAP network freely from their mobile devices.

If you have problems connecting or are experiencing difficulties with the connection or access, contact the Office of Information Technology by phone at 305-623-6610 or at helpdesk@stu.edu.

Locating Sources in the Library

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