BS in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Bachelor of Science Biology degree program develops the scientific interest, skills, and knowledge of our students, allowing them to pursue careers in the biological sciences or medical professions. Our students are prepared for entry into graduate schools in biology or biomedicine as well as schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other related areas. Students area also able to focus on preparation for technical laboratory careers. Our program emphasizes strong foundations with practical laboratory skills development of our students, student use of modern sophisticated equipment in teaching laboratories, and students working closely with faculty conducting original cutting-edge research.

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Our biology programs include:

Research Opportunities

Opportunities for research exist on the St. Thomas University, Miami campus as well as with partnered universities and colleges across the country.

The undergraduate experience offers a hands-on approach to scientific development. Our biological sciences program offers small class sizes of fewer than 20 students. This approach allows our faculty to provide personal attention to our students in the classroom and in the laboratory.

Small class and laboratory size also ensures that our students are well trained in the latest techniques needed by today’s scientist. The University has recently demonstrated its commitment to science education by infusing over a million dollars to equip its laboratories with modern research instruments.

The STU culture cherishes your passion for science. That’s why, here, every student participates in some form of research activity in either biology, chemistry, math physics or computer sciences. It is integrated into the curriculum of all our science degrees with dedicated professors who mentor you throughout your research.

Build your resume with advanced programs of research in:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Autism
  • Plant Genomics
  • Development of Natural Products for Treatment of Cancer
  • Big Data Sciences
  • Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems


Internships and Other Opportunities

Additionally, STU’s School of Science, Technology and Engineering Management (STEM) is a tightly connected scholar and alumni network who share the same passion for science. STEM school has placed many students in internship programs at Purdue University, University of Wisconsin as well as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Approximately 25% of our graduates continue their education at the postgraduate level either Master’s or Doctoral in Medicine, PhD, Veterinary, Dental and Physical Therapy. To put it simply, students’ success is our victory and we are glad that you’re interested in joining our inspiring community.

Curriculum (Course Sampling)

BSC 4482 Advanced Research II
PCB 4836 Cellular and Anatomical Neuroscience
PCB 4836L Laboratory: Cellular and Anatomical Neuroscience
BSC 4930 Biology Capstone Course


STU invested 20 million dollars in its science building and labs, and 5 million dollars to its scientific equipment in the recent years. Come see our high-tech labs, talk to our faculty, meet some of your brilliant peers and begin to experience what the future might hold. We believe that you’ll feel the same sense of purpose as we do when you walk through the STEM doors.

Featured Professors


Career Landscape

The graduates will be able to find work in the biological, agricultural, pharmaceutical sector or continue their education in graduate school or professional tracks such medical doctor, dentist, pharmacist…

Alumni Highlights

Harold Gomez: 2012 STU grad Biology, MD graduate University of Michigan 2016, current resident in the Detroit Health Systems

Andrea Solano: 2017 STU Graduate, Currently Post-baccalaureate Fellow at the National Institutes of Health


Student Testimonials

Leana Ramos

Bachelor of Science in Biology ’17

Bachelor of Arts in English ’17

“While at St. Thomas University, I participated in groundbreaking autism research. Research of that caliber isn’t available to undergraduate students at other universities. It was exciting to work on something that could possibly help millions of people with autism. I credit the university’s undergraduate research programs and its professors for the year-long fellowship I was recently awarded at the National Institute of Health (NIH).”


Luisa Maria De Souza

Bachelor of Science in Biology ’13

“During my undergraduate career at St. Thomas University, I took advantage of the unique research opportunities at the school of science, which reinforced my interest in medicine. From the moment I entered St. Thomas University I had a connection with the faculty and staff; a connection I wouldn’t have had at a big university. If it weren’t for the support of my teachers and staff members at St. Thomas, I wouldn’t be what I am today – a medical student at Penn State.”


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