Q: Can a name be left at the gate with an agreement to take responsibility for guests arriving for open invitation events on campus?
A: No, all guests must be accounted for and sponsored individually on campus by a student or campus employee.

Q: Are students allowed to use the service gate entrance on 32nd Avenue to access campus?
A: No, the 32nd Avenue gate is reserved strictly for service and emergency vehicles.

Q: Is there a curfew on campus?
A: Yes, Sunday – Wednesday 1:30 am – 9:00 am; Thursday – Saturday 2:30 am – 9:00 am Curfew does apply to law school residences in the University Inn. Please contact the Office of Campus Life for further details at 305.628.6768.

Q: Where is the office of Public Safety?
A: The Office of Public Safety is located on the Southwest end of campus in Lewis Hall.

Q: Can a Public Safety vehicle be used to jump-start a student’s vehicle?
A: No, University policy and procedures prohibit maintenance and public safety personnel from performing any automobile repairs.

Q: Can Security use a “Slim Jim” to assist students/employees who have locked their keys in their car?
A: No, University policy and procedures prohibit maintenance and public safety personnel from using such a device.

Q: Is it safe to walk around campus at night?
A: Yes, however, you should always walk with a group of friends and stay away from heavy foliage areas and dark areas.

Q: Where do I get a parking decal for my car?
A: You can obtain a parking detail at anytime at the security gate at the front entrance.

Q: What information is needed to obtain a parking decal?
A: You’ll need your student/employee ID card, state vehicle registration, driver’s license, and proof of vehicle insurance.

Q: Why must I carry and show my STU ID card?
A: Identification cards (ID) assist Public Safety officers to quickly identify authorized personnel, which ensure your safety and security on campus.

Q: Are security escorts available?
A: Yes, security escorts are available during evening hours, 7 days a week for transport to a vehicle on campus from any building at the university or vice versa. Please contact the Office of Public Safety at ext. 6500