Second & Third Year Programs

Upper-Level Workshops Series

The Upper-Level Workshop series is designed to assist students in refining analytical and writing skills through practical exercises.

Advanced Legal Skills (Required)

In the second-year each student is required to take the Advanced Legal Skills class. This practical second-year four-credit course focuses on reinforcing understanding of key elements of Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure through Expert Learning skills and strategies, developing students’ ability to apply that law to hypothetical factual scenarios and questions to choose the best of several potential multiple-choice answers, and developing and perfecting legal analytical and essay writing skills.

Bar Prep Skills (Required)

In the third-year, prior to graduating, each student is required to take a Bar Prep Skills class. This third-year four-credit course will begin to prepare students for the bar examination by providing in-depth skill instruction on reading comprehension, issue identification, rule mastery, critical thinking, legal analysis, and recognition of distractor facts and answer options. The course uses substantive topics from four subjects tested on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) including Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Evidence, and Real Property. This course will help students gain a strong conceptual understanding and knowledge of highly tested doctrines, and demonstrate how to develop, use, and apply a flexible but strong analytical framework to solve bar exam multiple choice and essay problems.