Maria Cornu Laport

Maria F. Cornu Laport

Director and Associate Professor of Academic Success and Bar Preparation


Phone: 305.474.2425


St. Thomas University College of Law
Academic Support Office (200)
16401 NW 37th Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33054


J.D. (equivalent), University of the Republic, Uruguay
J.D., St. Thomas University School of Law, summa cum laude
LL.M., St. Thomas University School of Law, summa cum laude


Academic Success

Maria Florencia Cornu Laport

Prior to joining STU Law, Maria Florencia Cornu Laport worked as an attorney in Uruguay. She served as a Law Clerk to the late Justice Hipolito Rodriguez Caorsi at the Supreme Court of Justice, served as a Professor Candidate in Civil Law Torts and Contract, was a member of interdisciplinary academic consumer and patients’ rights organizations, and coordinated and spoke at numerous academic event. She researched, authored, and co-authored publications on consumer and patients’ rights, access to health as a human right, and judicial ethics. As a private practitioner, she focused on litigation on access to medical treatment on constitutional grounds. In 2016, she earned an LL.M. in Intercultural Human Rights at St. Thomas University School of Law, then continued to earn her J.D. in 2020.

At St. Thomas University, she found the ideal environment to develop her biggest passions: law education as a mechanism of personal development for the students, an opportunity to provide inspiring and transformative experiences for the students; and the legal profession conceived as a tool to protect the vulnerable, to serve the underserved, and to work for social justice. As a student, she participated in the Immigration Law Students Association Detention Projects led by Prof. Lauren Gilbert, was a PACT Fellow, and served as an Academic Success Program Fellow.



Books and Book Chapters

Dora Szafir, Joaquin Lavandera & Florencia Cornú, Vivir o Morir: Una Cuestión Económica o Jurídica, ANUARIO DE DOCTRINA Y JURISPRUDENCIA (2016) (Uru.). (To live or to die. A question of law or economics?)

Dora Szafir, Silvia Carreto Pereira & Florencia Cornú y Silvia Carretto, ACCIDENTES DE TRÁNSITO (2013) (Uru.). (Collaboration chapter “Unconscionable clauses in the Insurance Contract)

Colaboración en obra colectiva, Protección de Bases de Datos y Consumidores, TEMAS DE RELACIONES DE CONSUMO (2011) (Uru.). (Collective work: Personal Data Protection and Consumers)

Colaboración en Dora Szafir, CONSUMIDORES: ANÁLISIS EXEGÉTICO DE LA LEY (Tercera Ed. 2009) (Uru.). (Book collaboration)

Colaboración en obra colectiva, Derecho, competencia y Bien Común, CONSUMIDORES Y USUARIOS ASOCIADOS (2009) (Uru.). (Collective work Law, Competition and the Common Good)


Florencia Cornú, Comentario Sentencia 75/05, CUADERNO TERCERAS JORNADAS INTERNACIONALES DE RELACIONES DE CONSUMO (2006) (Uru.). (Case comment on the Constitutional protection of the Right to Health)

Dora Szafir con Florencia Cornú, Un Caso de Responsabilidad Médica:De Quién es la Culpa? 36 ANUARIO DE DERECHO CIVIL TOMO (2005) (Uru.). (Case Comment: A case of malpractice. In collaboration with Dr. Dora Szafir)

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