Lambda Law Society

The Lambda Law Society (“LLS”) at St. Thomas University College of Law is an organization, for students of all sexual orientations, focused on spreading awareness of LGBTQ related issues in the law while providing mentorship and advancing the professional development of our members.

Professional Development

The Lambda Law Society strives to advance the professional development of each member via partnership with South Florida professional organizations, participation in networking events, dinner discussions, and a mentorship program between members and professionals within the legal community.


LLS is a student organization promoting awareness of LGBT related issues such as same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption, and immigration issues of same-sex couples.


LLS will take action within, and beyond, the St. Thomas community to promote equality by empowering South Florida’s LGBTQ youth and their heterosexual allies via mentorship.

Board Members

Danielle Guerrero, President
Scarlet Riviere, Vice President
Dustin Boehm, Secretary
Sueci Gimenez, Treasurer
Briana Stringfield, 1L Ambassador

Faculty/Staff Advisor

Patricia Moore