Douglas E. Ray
Emeritus Professor of Law
B.A., University of Minnesota, with honors
J.D., Harvard Law School, with honors

Curriculum Vitae

Douglas E. Ray served as Dean of St. Thomas Law from 2010-2014. Before joining the St. Thomas Law faculty in October, 2010, he served as Dean of the University of Toledo College of Law (2006-2010) and Dean of the Widener University School of Law and Vice President of Widener University (1999-2005). Prior to his deanships, he taught at The University of Toledo College of Law where he served as Charles W. Fornoff Professor of Law and Values and as an associate dean. He previously taught at the University of Richmond School of Law. Professor Ray has also served as an economist with the U. S. Department of Labor and as an attorney with Dorsey & Whitney in Minneapolis. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and a graduate of the Defense Language Institute.

He has been active in professional and civic organizations, including state and local bar associations and the Associations of American Law Schools, for which he served as chair of the Labor and Employment Section.

Professor Ray is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and has been a frequent speaker on national programs concerning labor and employment law. He has appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and has given the Keynote Address at the Federal Administrative Law Judges Conference.

Since 1999, Professor Ray has chaired the annual four-day Course in Labor Law and Labor Arbitration sponsored by the Center for American and International Law (formerly the Southwestern Legal Foundation) in Plano, Texas.

He has taught and published in the fields of labor law, employment discrimination law, torts and labor arbitration. He is co-author of two labor law treatises Understanding Labor Law (Lexis Nexis) and Labor-Management Relations: Strikes, Lockouts, and Boycotts (Thomson/West) and over twenty law journal articles on labor and employment law, torts and law school administration.



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  • Douglas E. Ray, William R. Corbett & Christopher David Ruiz Cameron, Labor-Management Relations: Strikes, Lockouts and Boycotts (3d Ed., 2012, Thomson/West) (Previous editions: 2d Ed. 2004, 1992).

Book Chapters:

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Book Reviews:

  • Douglas E. Ray, Values and Assumptions in American Labor Law by James B. Atleson, 6 Indus. Rel. L.J. 381 (1984) (book review).

Professor Douglas Ray was recently named to the Diversity Committee of the Law School Admissions Committee (LSAC.) In June, he was elected to the LSAC Board of Directors.

He is also the lead author of new editions of two labor law treatises: Understanding Labor Law, Fourth Edition (LexisNexis 2015) and Labor Management Relations: Strikes, Lockouts, and Boycotts, 2015 edition (Thomson/West).


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