Disability Accommodations

Students with a disability that may affect any aspect of the student’s ability to participate in the law school environment and/or the student’s academic performance should meet with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to discuss the matter. Students must provide timely notice that enables the institution to provide “reasonable accommodations” where warranted. For examination accommodations there are deadlines by which the student must make a request prior to the actual administration of the examination. A complete booklet that explains the type of documentation required and the process to be used can be found at this link: Guidelines for Special Accommodation. For students seeking accommodation for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.D. /A.D.H.D.) specific documentation is required, please see this link: Supplement A ADD-HD for a complete explanation of the required documentation.

If any student has any concern, question or needs additional information, he/she should contact the office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Generally, these matters should not be discussed with individual professors. If any student suffers from some kind of injury that causes a temporary disability, then he/she should also consult with the office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.