Visiting at Another Law School

In most cases, J.D. students are allowed to visit at any other ABA accredited school in their second year, or in any year as part of any summer, summer-abroad or intersession term or program with authorization from the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. A student is not allowed to visit if he or she is not in good standing or needs to take required courses at St. Thomas Law to remain on track to graduate. A student is generally not permitted to visit in the summer or any other term any law school located in Florida. If the student is allowed to visit, the student will receive credits for classes taken in the other program under the following conditions:

  1. Summer or intersession limited to 9 credits; and
  2. Fall/Spring limited to 18 credits; and
  3. Student may only take elective credits, (not required courses); and
  4. Courses taken must be for a grade (not pass/fail); and
  5. Student must receive a grade of ‘C’ or above in the course to receive credit from St. Thomas.