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Professor Pati Visits Jamaica to Urge Increased Cooperation in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

By February 25, 2019College of Law, STU News

At the invitation of the Jamaican Ministry of Justice’s National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons (NATFATIP), Professor Roza Pati recently presented a distinguished lecture at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) in Jamaica. Her lecture focused on human trafficking in the supply chain.

Her visit and lecture garnered national media attention on the island. Jamaica’s two largest national newspapers – The Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer –  both featured Professor Pati and highlighted her lecture at the UCC.  The Gleaner’s article, titled “Gov’t Alone Cannot Fight Human Trafficking,” emphasized her call to action in appealing to consumers to be aware of how goods and services they love are produced, or find themselves supporting and enriching the people perpetuating modern-day slavery.   The Jamaica Observer’s article, titled “US Law Professor Urges Multi-National Approach to Fight Human Trafficking,” focused on Professor Pati’s push for nations to work together to achieve the mutual goal of eliminating human trafficking globally. She was also invited to speak live on national talk radio,  and appeared on Televison Jamaica’s (TVJ) morning show, Smile Jamaica.


Professor Pati appeared on Jamaican national television during her recent visit to the island.

Professor Pati had the opportunity to meet with dignitaries from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of National Security: Ms. Sandra Graham, Chair of the National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons Prevention Subcommittee and Director of Corporate Services, Ms. Diahann Gordon Harrison, Jamaica’s National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, as well as with the Head of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit, Deputy Superintendent of Police Mr. Carl Berry.

In the spirit of future cooperation with academic institutions in our region, Professor Pati had a fruitful meeting with members of the Executive Council of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean with the intention, as noted by Dr. Bernadette Warner, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs of the UCC, of developing “a tripartite collaboration for the purpose of curriculum design, development and delivery as well as relevant research.” The key parties would include the UCC, the government of Jamaica (NATFATIP), St. Thomas University’s Master of Laws and the Doctorate of the Science of Law in Intercultural Human Rights, and its Human Trafficking Academy.

The island nation is already taking action by announcing that they are now seeking 10,000 volunteers to aid in the fight against the scourge in Jamaica.


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