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5 Reasons to join Bobcat Connect

By April 14, 2020Alumni, STU News

Being part of the STU fam is special and goes beyond the time spent inside St. Thomas University classrooms. Staying connected is important to us, and that’s why we’re inviting you to Join Bobcat Connect.

Bobcat Connect will serve as the primary platform for STU alumni to gather, reconnect, obtain most current STU info and so much more. Although there are several reasons to join Bobcat Connect, below are five to get us started.

Connect: Find your STU family across the world.

Life picks up after graduation. Maybe you go straight into the workforce or you decide to pursue your master’s degree or your PhD. Whatever the case may be, reconnecting and expanding your network is always a good idea. Bobcat Connect is a platform designed for STU Bobcats. We want to keep our family tight-knit and through Bobcat Connect, we’ll do just that by allowing you to form or strengthen bonds with other Bobcats.

Unlike other social platforms, Bobcat Connect will allow our alumni to engage with STU-specific content and people. Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat!

Join the fun: The latest on all Alumni news and events!

If there’s one thing our STU family enjoys, it’s getting together. Stay up-to-date with all STU events to reconnect with old and new friends. For now, we’re getting together virtually as we continue to practice social distancing for the overall safety and health of our community.

Through Bobcat Connect you’ll find information on signature events like our annual Golf Tournament, alumni reunions, football alumni tailgates, mixers and more. Just recently we held a virtual happy hour for alumni to enjoy good conversation, cool ZOOM backgrounds and  homemade ‘quarantinis’.

Jobs and internships: Advance your career through inside connections in top industries.

Are you a recent graduate or soon-to-be graduate looking for a job or internship opportunity? Are you an alumni looking to hire a STU Bobcat? Bobcat Connect can make both of these scenarios work.

Get connected and find the opportunities you’ve been looking for through your STU fam!

Mentorship: Find an alumni mentor or become one!

We’ve all heard about the power mentorship. Whether you’re looking for a mentor or trying to become a mentor to a fellow Bobcat, Bobcat Connect can facilitate those connections.

Groups: Make deeper connections with an alumni affinity group.

small universities in FloridaBobcat Connect will allow you to not only connect with fellow alumni, but it will allow you to go even deeper. Connect with alumni that graduated from your program, that were part of the same club, that were at STU when we were Biscayne College. The smaller groups in our already tight-knit community. Connect and reminisce with your family, because that’s what St. Thomas University is all about.


Join Bobcat Connect via LinkedIn, Google or your email address.

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