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A Message to our Students on Curbing the Spread of Coronavirus

By August 25, 2020Highlights

Dear STU students,

Welcome to St. Thomas University! For those of you who are returning for the first time since on-campus instruction was disrupted in March, it’s great to have you back. We missed you. For freshmen and transfer students who are on campus for the first time, I hope your transition to STU has been smooth and that you are settling in. I’m certain you are going to enjoy your experience here.

This past weekend, my wife and I attended Mass on campus as we frequently do. Father Capó led an inspiring service, and it was wonderful to see so many students in attendance. I was especially pleased to see everyone wearing their masks, keeping physical distance between themselves and their neighbors, and taking personal responsibility for their own health and the safety of others.

Unfortunately, I didn’t witness that same level of personal responsibility as I drove around campus following service. I saw groups of students gathered together, neither wearing masks nor observing social distancing guidelines. If we want campus to remain open, we have to be better than this as a community.

When we surveyed students over the summer, you overwhelmingly told us that you want to be on campus this semester. And that’s what I want too. Our professors do an exceptional job with virtual instruction and, for many of you, virtual instruction is the right choice for you and your families. But the entire college experience can’t be replicated virtually. And I want those of you who are able to be on campus with us this semester to enjoy that full experience. But that won’t happen if we don’t all take personal responsibility in helping to curb the spread of coronavirus across campus.

Please do your part. Wear your mask. Avoid large gatherings. Practice safe, social distancing. If you are sick, go home if possible or let us know so we can arrange accommodations for you. In either case, be transparent and tell us you are sick so we can conduct contact tracing that will protect others.

The last thing any of us wants is to have to close campus again. If you see students who aren’t wearing masks or socially distancing, please politely remind them that we are all in this together. Please take some time to review our Return to Campus Manual. Best of luck this semester. God Bless. Go Bobcats.

Best of luck this semester. God Bless. Go Bobcats.

St. Thomas University President, David A. Armstrong, J.D.

David A. Armstrong

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