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Cybersecurity Law: Top Career Opportunities

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As technology continues to advance, so do the countless security issues that can wreak havoc on both businesses and consumers. At St. Thomas University, we offer a unique opportunity for students to earn a cybersecurity law degree at the Master’s level. This degree is one-of-a-kind in the state of Florida and allows students to learn more about the diverse ways to keep sensitive material and systems safe on the web. 

Cybersecurity is incredibly critical to both large and small companies. Not only do online systems transmit personal information about consumers, but they’re also how many companies run on a day to day basis. A security breach in any part of the system can damage both a customer’s personal information as well as the bottom line for businesses. Earning a degree in cybersecurity law from STU is a great way to expand your knowledge and advance your career. 

Learn more about our cybersecurity law program and earn your degree from the comfort of your own home.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Degree Program

The Master of Laws degree program in Cybersecurity Law & Policy at STU offers students a unique opportunity to learn more about keeping online systems safe. Classes teach vital skills and knowledge to help keep networks secure. 

Cybersecurity Law Online Program

Our Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Law is 100% online, making this an easy choice for busy professionals to complete. Not only can you earn your degree wherever you are in the world, but you can also continue working to advance your career further. Our online program offers a complete look into broadening your knowledge of cybersecurity and how it can directly impact your current business.

Cybersecurity with a Law Focus

While many institutions may offer a cybersecurity program, our Master of Laws degree goes further to look into the laws and policies surrounding this critical issue. You’ll have access to experienced faculty and professors who help you understand the laws and regulations behind cybersecurity issues. 

Our program is unique on a national level as the only one within the country that focuses on the laws of cybersecurity in the aerospace industry. We are proud of our ability to help keep our skies safe from cyber threats as well as protect the thousands of employees and families who work in the aviation industry.

Cybersecurity Law Program Classes

Our flexible degree program offers students the opportunity to earn 26 credits in approved courses, all in the comfort of their own home. The program consists of two semesters of 12 credits each. Students earn an additional two credits through faculty-supervised research in the field. 

1st Semester Classes

Students will take 3-4 classes each semester, consisting of 3 credits each. Most students choose from the following courses during their first semester in this program:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Aviation Cybersecurity
  • Cybercrime Law
  • Cybersecurity Corporate Practices

2nd Semester Classes

The last part of this program includes 12 credits of the following classes that are each worth three credits. An additional two credits are earned during this semester with a seminar elective that involves a scholarly research paper.

  • International Law
  • International Privacy Law
  • National Security & Space Strategy
  • Satellite & Space Security

Top Careers with a Cybersecurity Law Degree

A group of cybersecurity lawyers pose in a legal office

Financial experts expect the Cybersecurity market to grow to over $240 billion by 2023, making it a hot market to enter. Earning a degree in Cybersecurity Law & Policy is a great way to advance your future career. These professionals are in high demand and often make a competitive salary with benefits.

Cybersecurity Lawyer

Your expansive knowledge of cybersecurity will help land a position as a cybersecurity lawyer with this degree. You can practice law in the cybersecurity field and help countless clients and businesses with cybersecurity legalities. Lawyers in this field often work for law firms or as an in-house lawyer for larger corporations. You could also work for the government as a cybersecurity lawyer with this degree. 

Salaries vary based on your location, but most cybersecurity lawyers make an average of $120,000 per year. The cybersecurity field is rapidly growing, and more corporations and law firms are looking to hire lawyers with this specific knowledge.

Information Security Manager

Information security manager meeting with a team member 

As one of the highest-paid cybersecurity jobs available, information security managers are vital in every company. These professionals help avoid security breaches and focus on areas of vulnerability. Information Security Managers work with a team of professionals to thwart any security threat that could significantly damage the company. Professionals in this career make an average annual salary between $125,000-$215,000. The job outlook for information security managers is expected to grow by 11% through 2028, which is much faster than the national job growth rate.

Information Security Analysts

If managing isn’t something that you would enjoy, consider working as an Information Security Analyst with your new degree. These professionals work to either protect a network from being compromised or find out how the system was breached after an attack. Information security analysts make an average wage of about $100,000 per year. The real reason to consider this career is the estimated growth rate though. At a high 32% through 2028, this job outlook is quite high in terms of growth and job opportunities.

Cyber Security Consultant

A computer analyst works with a client

Flexibility and the opportunity to be your own boss are just a few of the reasons why some of our students find themselves as a cybersecurity consultant. This profession allows you to work with multiple companies and advise them on areas of weakness within their network. Consultants enjoy meeting new people and solving problems for a variety of different industries. Cybersecurity consultants make an average of about $92,000 per year, and the industry is projected to grow a whopping 28% through 2026, making it an excellent option for our graduates.

Cybersecurity Compliance Investigator

A cybersecurity compliance investigator views data on a computer screen

Our degree offers classes on both law and policy within cybersecurity. As a compliance investigator, you can ensure that networks are up to code and help businesses install safeguards to ensure that their systems are safe and secure. Cybersecurity compliance investigators often work in a small team to help mitigate compliance risks involved in large corporate networks. 

As with any professionals in the cybersecurity industry, you can plan on making an annual average salary between $80,000-$120,000 depending on location and other factors. This field’s growth potential is higher than the national average thanks to an ever-growing presence of cybersecurity attacks.

Earning your degree in cybersecurity law is a great way to advance your career. Use our flexible online program to learn about cybersecurity and protect your current or future employer from future threats. Our instructors and online classes help you earn your degree without interfering with your current career. Learn more about earning your degree in Cybersecurity Law & Policy by visiting our program page.

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