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Dr. Roza Pati Appointed as Security Commissioner to Congress of Nations and State Preparatory Body

The Congress of Nations and State Preparatory Body recently appointed Dr. Roza Pati as a Security Commissioner. “I consider it a great honor that I was nominated and appointed by the Preparatory Body of the Congress of Nations and States to serve as Security Commissioner. Human security, integral human development of every person and of the whole person is of utmost importance in the context of indigenous nations, whose people at times are treated as unwelcome strangers in their own countries, as St. John Paul II had once stated. The CNS correctly highlights the demand for the massive and abrupt economic, social, political, and security changes in the conduct of relations between the world’s 5000 nations and 206 internationally recognized states. This is a creative and necessary project, and I feel fully energized in joining this mission,” stated Professor Pati.

According to the CNS, scores of the world’s indigenous nations have taken the initiative towards the development and convening of the Congress of Nations and States 28 years after it was first discussed by states’ and nations’ governments in 1992. The 21st century Congress of Nations and States is expected to convene in 2022 to demonstrate the historical convergence of nations’ delegations meeting with states’ delegations on the same political plane to jointly formulate and adopt methods for constructively conducting relations to maximize peaceful resolution of disputes and facilitate beneficial cooperation and mutual coexistence. Ultimately the Congress of Nations and States is expected to adopt into international law new methods and protocols for implementing internationally enshrined principles and policies already agreed to by nations and states. The existence of growing numbers of international conflicts, the adverse effects of climate change combined with violence between contending groups causing mass migrations and refugees, and the impending collapse of life-supporting biological diversity due to over development and consumption demand deliberate action.

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