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First Comes Freshman Orientation, Then Comes Love

By February 13, 2020STU News

Aside from finding their class schedules at Freshman Orientation, Veronica Cedeno ’14 and Daniel Dreher ’14, also found love.

After being introduced by a mutual friend at their Freshman Orientation in August 2010, Veronica and Daniel realized they’d attended the same high school and just didn’t know each other. They compared schedules and noticed they had the same biology class with Dr. Jeffery Plunkett.

They became lab partners and lab dates slowly became campus picnic dates by the pond.

In December 2010, they made it official. Four years later, they both became St. Thomas University graduates. In May 2014, Veronica earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and in December 2014, Daniel earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology.

They started together and finished together.

On April 28, 2018, they tied the knot!

Happy Valentine’s Day to these STU love birds!

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