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Immigration Clinic Students Celebrate Real-World Successes

By October 22, 2019Law School, STU News

Isabella Comprido (3L) and Gabriela Prendes (2L)

On October 16, 2019, Immigration Clinic students Isabella Comprido (3L) and Gabriela Prendes (2L), under the direction of Professor Michael Vastine, argued their first motion as Law Student Representatives before the Honorable Judge Sukkar at the Miami Immigration Court.

The case was unusual in that the client was abroad in his native country, as he was physically deported earlier in the year – prior to the immigration judge ordering the reopening of his removal proceedings. Typically, when a client misses a court hearing they are ordered deported in their absence.

Ms. Comprido and Ms. Prendes successfully argued for a continuance, and against an in absentia order of removal for their client. Specifically, they argued that the circumstances militated in favor of their client, including the procedural history, the “good cause” standard” for a continuance, the extraordinary circumstances present, and their efforts to facilitate their client’s return. Their ultimate plan is to arrange their client’s return to the U.S. so that he may have a hearing regarding his discretionary relief from removal, relief that would permanently restore legal status.


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