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Launch of New Master’s Degree in Bioethics

This fall, St. Thomas University (STU) is launching a master’s degree program in bioethics, an innovative, interdisciplinary program combining science, ethics and human behavior.

Today’s advances in technology has helped make substantial, beneficial gains in the areas of healthcare and research. But these advancements in science and technology often outpace our ability to understand, and come with critical ethical questions and challenges.

“Bioethics can be described as what may be done versus what can be done with regards to science and technology today,” said Father Alfred Cioffi, the Florida Blue endowed chair in bioethics and director of STU’s Institute for Bioethics. “The distinction between can and may is not just a grammatical distinction but an ethical distinction because we can do many things technologically, but should we do them – that’s when our master’s program kicks in and helps individuals evaluate critical situations.”

This program is a fully accredited masters of science consisting of eight course totaling 30 graduate credits. Graduates will not only be improving the progress of healthcare, but will be equipped to engage in deep analysis of the bioethical issues of our contemporary society.

Having an advance degree in the field of bioethics opens various professional opportunities especially the clinical setting, government regulatory agencies, institutional review boards, and others.

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