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Message from President David A. Armstrong, David A. Armstrong, J.D.: St. Thomas University Statement

The following message was sent from President David A. Armstrong, J.D. to the university community:

Dear STU Community:

This is a follow up to President David A. Armstrong, J.D.’s immediate call for the prosecution of those involved with George Floyd’s death. The general statement was sent out on social media on Sunday, May 31, and we are sharing it with our community today:

At St. Thomas University, we are greatly saddened by the tragic events that have transpired across our country. STU stands against any acts of racism, hate, and violence. Central to our identity is our Catholic education, focused on the development of the whole person and respect for all people. STU embodies the small “c” in Catholic, meaning all-embracing and universal. We are a proud, diverse, and inclusive community and know it is a privilege to educate students from different backgrounds, locations, and systems of belief. Our mission is to transform our students into ethical leaders that better their community, our nation, and the world. STU remains committed to being a university that promotes hope, opportunity, equality, and justice. We pray for peace and the victims’ families. God Bless. –President David A. Armstrong, J.D.

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