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Professor Donald F. Tibbs quoted in The Atlantic

By September 15, 2020Law School, STU News
Professor Tibb

On September 1st, St. Thomas University School of Law Professor, Donald F. Tibbs was quoted in The Atlantic article, What Incarcerated Rappers Can Teach America.

“In 2010, the lawyer Michelle Alexander published The New Jim Crow, her widely read (and banned) book arguing that the prison-industrial complex is another form of legalized discrimination. Five years later, the legal professor Donald F. Tibbs wrote an article connecting Alexander’s analysis to rap music. ‘Since the 1990s, at the height of the drug war,’ Tibbs wrote, ‘hip-hop made the same argument about the fallout of the War on Drugs and its influence on mass incarceration, but no one seemed to be listening.’ Artists including N.W.A., Tupac Shakur, and LL Cool J have all addressed such injustices; their lyrics excoriate officers who commit unchecked abuses while revealing the psychological toll of being constantly watched.”

Congratulations Professor Tibbs!

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