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St. Thomas Law’s Female Enrollment Percentage Soars to #9 National Ranking

By February 20, 2019Law School, STU News

St. Thomas Law has been nationally ranked 9th among accredited law schools for female enrollment. Coming in at just over 61%, our enrollment outpaced Florida’s state average of 55 percent and the national average of 53 percent.

Nationally, this is the third year in a row that women have outpaced men in law school enrollment, however this is the first time that St. Thomas Law has been in the top ten.

According to law school statistics compiled by Enjuris (based on US News data), even though the number of women enrolled in law school continues to grow, women are still underrepresented in the industry—especially in leadership positions.

St. Thomas Law has long been recognized for our diverse student body, and now we are excited to be contributing to increased female representation in the legal industry.





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