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St. Thomas Law Hosts Inaugural All-Stars of the Courtroom Forum

By November 12, 2019Law School, STU News

America’s top trial attorneys converged at St. Thomas University School of Law recently for a two-day legal forum. The featured attorneys have represented clients who’ve captured national headlines, and St. Thomas  Law partnered with alumnus Jose Baez of the Baez Law Firm to host the two-day event – All-Stars of the Courtroom Forum 2019.

The forum featured these high-profile attorneys and trial experts who shared the invaluable strategies  that made them successful in the courtroom. They explained their trial techniques, in detail, to the audience of law students, St. Thomas Law alumni, and other legal practitioners.

Top attorneys in their field, the forum panelists have represented actresses, musicians and numerous other high-profile clients and included defense attorney and St. Thomas Law alumnus Jose Baez, civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, litigation and jury selection expert Richard Gabriel, nationally renowned trial attorney Joe Tacopina,  Harvard Law Professor Ronald Sullivan, CNN legal analyst Jean Casarez, and criminal and civil attorney Arthur Aidala.

During the two-day event, the panel discussed courtroom strategies for delivering effective opening statements for jury trials, jury selection techniques, the role of race in trials, effective cross examinations, key considerations when representing famous clients, having a case in the media, and the history, present and future of trial work.

This year’s event is the first of a planned series of CLE panels featuring legal luminaries who will share success stories and bring unique learning opportunities to our students.

 Arthur Aidala, Esq.


 Jose Baez, Esq.



Jean Casarez, Esq.



Benjamin Crump, Esq.



Joe Tacopina, Esq.


Professor Ronald Sullivan, Esq.


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