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Student Article Published in 2018-19 Edition of St. Thomas Law’s Journal of Complex Litigation

By December 10, 2018Law School, STU News

Saul Canelo (3L)

The editors of the 2018-2019 Edition of the St. Thomas Law Journal of Complex Litigation have selected third-year law student Saul Canelo’s article for publication.

His article, Now Accepting Virtual Currencies:Bitcoins and United States Regulation, focuses on the new digital currency and how the US government can provide a uniform definition to Bitcoin, categorizing it either as a currency or a “unit of account.” He argued that achieving a uniform Bitcoin legislation provides a framework for the world that Bitcoin can be regulated, and his belief  that it could have the potential to become a new form of universally accepted currency once universally regulated.

The mission of the St. Thomas Journal of Complex Litigation’s is to publish relevant and thought-provoking scholarship and serve as a leading resource for students, academics and legal professionals in the area of complex litigation.

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