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What Can You Do With a Biology Degree From STU?

what can you do with a biology degree

For biology majors, it is hard to know what careers are available post-graduation. Many students today don’t realize the opportunities that await them after graduation. So, what can you do with a biology degree from STU?

Start Your Career in Biology

While some students choose to go onto higher educational programs, most choose to start their careers after graduation. These careers vary greatly depending on what field of biology you’d like to pursue.

Keep Workplaces Safe

The health and safety of American workers is a high priority for the nation in general. A biology degree can help you become an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist that works for the government. This career inspects places of manufacturing and working conditions to ensure proper use of biological elements. It is a vital career to the health and safety of workers and greatly needed to make sure everyone makes it home safely at the end of the day.

Work in a Research Lab

Earning a biology degree allows students to work in research labs all over the country. These important labs are on the edge of cutting technology that help to find answers and solutions to a wide range of issues. You can find research lab jobs and careers in a wide range of sectors such as agriculture, health care, food processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Government research careers are also an option for those students wanting to assist with public health and environmental issues.

Protect the Environment

Conservation Specialists are those Biology majors who want to help keep our nation’s land environmentally safe. These vital careers help monitor and manage private and public lands to help conserve natural resources for the greater good. Biology knowledge helps give students the skills they need to understand how the world works and how we can protect the environment.

Sell Pharmaceuticals

Outgoing Biology graduates need strong people skills to become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. This unique job is in high demand as drug companies (and fellow biology researchers) create new drugs that help ailing patients. Not only does this career opportunity have a high starting salary, but it also usually requires travel which is a great way to see the country.

Earn Extra Certifications

You can supplement your Biology degree with certifications that are a quicker and less costly way of getting into a valuable career path, such as teaching.

Become a Teacher

Those graduates who desire to share their love of biology with younger students can become a biology teacher at the junior high or high school level. You’ll need a teaching certification in addition to receiving a biology degree. STU has a teacher certification course available online or on campus for those wanting to obtain a teaching certification to teach biology to students in 6th-12th grades.

Enter Graduate School

You can also use your undergraduate education in Biology to propel you into higher-level programs like graduate school. From here, the career options are many, including teaching.

Teach Higher Education

Receiving a degree in Biology is the first step for those students wanting to become a higher-level educator. This Master of Science program from the School of Science, Technology, and Engineering Management (STEM) is 30 credit hours over 15 months. Students will learn laboratory and classroom instruction principles.

Graduates of this program can teach Dual Enrollment biology courses in various high schools as well as low-level college and university courses in biology. The MS in Biology for STEM Educators is an excellent option for those who received their BS in Biology and wish to teach at a higher level with the public or private school systems.

Earn Advanced Degrees

If you loved your studies in biology, you can further your education by receiving a graduate degree. Masters programs are available with different specializations for those wanting to dive into a specific aspect of biology. Students who wish to pursue their education even further can receive a doctorate as well.

Apply for Medical School

Plenty of STU students choose to major in biology as a pre-professional program. This allows students interested in the medical field to receive a solid foundation of science-based learning and laboratory knowledge.

Become a Medical Doctor

Help other people by learning more about the human body and how to help patients lead fulfilling lives. A degree in Biology allows you to have the foundational knowledge needed to attend the medical school of your choice as well as score well on the MCAT.

Practice Dental Medicine

Those biology students wanting to become a dentist will need to apply to dental school and pass the Dental Admission Test. Further education is required for those students wanting to become Dental Surgeons or a Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Become a Pharmacist

Six years of post-baccalaureate study is usually required for those Biology majors wanting to work in the pharmacy field. Understanding the way drugs work and interact can not only help patients but also protect them from drug interactions that could be fatal.

Become an Optometrist

Doctors of Optometry attend four additional years of school after receiving an undergraduate degree. You can help patients see the world clearly by assessing their visual deficiencies. Optometrists can also specialize in working with patients of every age or specifically targeted age groups as well.

Help Animals as a Veterinarian

Those Biology students who love all kinds of animals can enjoy a career as a Veterinarian. An additional four years of schooling is required after receiving a BS in Biology from STU. You’ll learn how to care for animals and decipher their needs along with the bonus of interactions with a variety of cute and cuddly animals!

Train as an Anesthesiologist Assistant

This specially trained physician assistant administers anesthesia to hurting patients. You’ll need a biology degree with required medical prerequisites to attend the two years of training for this career.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to figuring out what can you do with a Biology degree from STU. Many students go straight into their careers after graduation, while others continue in specialized areas. Whatever your career goals are, earning a degree in Biology is a solid foundation that puts you on the road to many prestigious careers. Learn more about these opportunities in terms of what can you do with a biology degree from St. Thomas University.

Where will your Biology degree take you?

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