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What Can You Do with a Religious Studies Degree?

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Choosing your major is an essential step in pursuing a college education. St. Thomas University offers many different degree programs to fit any student. One of these exciting majors includes our religious studies degree program, which focuses on theology and religion from a Catholic Christian standpoint. 

Keep reading to learn more about what you can do with a religious studies degree at St. Thomas University.

Religious Studies Degree Overview

A degree in religious studies prepares students to understand the implications of faith. Students focus on global theology in better understanding others and the diversity between different religions. While St. Thomas University has a strong Catholic background, the religious studies program expands on the Catholic faith as well as explores religion on a global level. 

Esteemed professors approach the coursework with openness and honesty in learning about the foundations of Catholicism as well as the wide range of religions around the world.

Future Career Paths

Working with people and sharing your faith is one of the benefits of earning this type of degree. There are multiple career paths that all help encourage and enlighten others as well as understand the differences that occur when it comes to religious beliefs.

Education Lecturer

Students with a degree in religious studies are eligible for a career as a lecturer in the field. While some schools would require a graduate degree for this position, it is still a viable option for students who want to continue their education and help educate others in the field. Career opportunities would include junior colleges, colleges, and universities.

Job Outlook 

Education lecturers are highly sought after in secondary education. Graduates can expect to make an average of $70,000 per year in this field. The most jobs available would be at colleges or universities, but interestingly enough, junior colleges usually pay more across the board.

Primary & Secondary Teachers

Those graduates who enjoy working with children can share their love of faith as a primary school teacher in a private school setting. Many catholic private schools need teachers who can help educate young minds about the basics of faith and the foundation of the Catholic church. Earning a teaching certificate in addition to a religious studies degree would increase career opportunities in the public education system as well.

Job Outlook

In general, about 10% of the nation’s students attend private schools. These schools are vital in every community and offer alternatives to students who need extra care that a private school can provide. 

However, private school teachers are often paid less than their public school counterparts. They often make an average base salary of $40,000 per year, while public school teachers earn $53,000. Private schools often have limited funds and, therefore, may not have the extra benefits of a public school position. However, private school teachers enjoy smaller class sizes and have higher job satisfaction than public school teachers. 

Media Religion Consultant

Graduates who enjoy traveling and being on camera could also have a career in media and journalism as a religion consultant. Plenty of networks and media outlets need those professionals who are well versed in religion and the role that religion plays in everyday life. As a media religion consultant, you would often report about certain religious activities and help share an understanding of how religion affects lives.

Job Outlook

Consultant work involves a broad salary bracket based on your expertise and workload. The average base pay for a religion consultant is $77,000 per year. Some consultants work in a freelancing position, where they have multiple employers. Other religious consultants work for one dedicated media outlet and often have the stability of working for a large company.

A group of children in the Philippines laugh and smile outside of a building

Youth Worker

Another job opportunity for students with a religious studies degree involves positions that work directly with youth outside of school. These jobs often include before or after-school activities as well as youth camps and youth groups. The missionary field is another area where youth workers help reach more young minds with the gospel.

A group of children in the Philippines laugh and smile outside of a building

Job Outlook

Those religious studies graduates who work with youth in their career can expect to earn an average of $32,000 per year. Job opportunities include religious organizations as well as schools and family services. 

How STU Can Help

Our dedicated staff and professors have a deep knowledge of religion and help students learn more about this interesting theology at St. Thomas University’s Biscayne College.

Solid Foundation Courses

St. Thomas University helps students earn their religious studies degree by offering solid foundational coursework. The courses involved in this degree help enlighten students about their faith and the beliefs of others. While there is an emphasis on the Catholic faith, students learn a lot about other religions as well as how to communicate religious beliefs on a global level.

Online Program Available

Students who seek a degree in religious studies can do so online if they already have some coursework completed. Our online religious studies program allows students who have an Associate’s Degree or equivalent coursework to take online classes to earn this degree. 

The online course is quite rigorous and meets the needs of Florida-based diocese and religious education teachers. It is an excellent way for online learners to earn their degree off-campus while still engaging in the rich understanding and coursework of the religious studies program.

Understanding the history of religion, as well as how to communicate faith with others, is a vital part of this degree program. For more information about how you can start earning your degree in religious studies, contact the admissions office at St. Thomas University today!

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