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What Can You Do With a Sports Management Degree?

What Can You Do With a Sports Management Degree from St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens Florida?

Behind every touchdown or slam dunk, there’s an entire industry of professionals who make it happen. If you’re a sports lover who wants a piece of the action, a career in sports administration is just the ticket. So, what can you do with a sports management degree? Let’s take a closer look at each of the St. Thomas University sports administration programs. We’ll point out what you’ll learn and the many opportunities you’ll have after graduation.

Undergraduate Programs in Sports Administration

St. Thomas University offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Our location in South Florida offers a wide range of internship opportunities, which often help our students make valuable networking connections. After graduation, you’ll have many career possibilities in organizations like professional sports teams, college athletics departments, sports media and marketing, merchandising, and recreational services.

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration

This sports administration degree helps our students view the world of sports through a business lens. The program combines coursework in liberal arts, business, and sports administration. Your degree will prepare you for management positions in the sports industry, such as Athletic Director, Youth Sports Director, or Facilities Director.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Administration

The Business Administration degree provides a balance between the quantitative and qualitative aspects of sports management. The curriculum gives students a foundation in the core areas of business with a specialization in sports administration. Your degree will prepare you for careers in Business Operations, Marketing, or Finance within a sports organization.


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A bachelor’s degree in sports administration gives you an understanding of business concepts within the context of a sports organization.

Graduate Programs in Sports Administration

The following graduate programs are perfect for students who want to position themselves for higher-level opportunities. Students interested in these programs must submit an online application, provide the university with a resume, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and a two-page goal statement, as well as be interviewed by faculty members.

Master of Science in Sports Administration

Offered both on campus and online, the graduate sports administration degree builds on concepts from the bachelor’s program. You’ll delve more deeply into how you can drive profitable sports operations and market sports more effectively as the leader of an organization. This degree can be completed in only one year. You’ll be prepared for leadership positions such as President/CEO/Manager, Vice President, or Chief Financial Officer.

Master of Business Administration in Sports Administration

This program teaches students about higher level concepts of business and how to interpret and apply them to the field of sports administration. This degree is available on-campus and online and can be completed in person or online and will take a full-time student only one year to complete. As with the MS in Sports Administration, this program will help you climb the corporate ladder into positions such as Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, or Chief Operating Officer.

Master of Business Administration in Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is the fastest growing sector in the global tourism and travel industry. The program builds upon core business concepts and focuses on the unique skills needed to excel in sports tourism. This degree can be completed in one year. Graduates work in areas like Sports Halls of Fame and Museums Management, Amusement Park and Theme Park Management, or Sports and Tourism Event Management.

Sports tourism is the fastest growing sector in the global tourism and travel industry. Our MBA in Sports Tourism offers a specialized program to position you for careers in this area

JD/MS in Sports Administration and JD/MBA in Sports Administration

The JD/MS or JD/MBA dual degree program in Sports Administration gives students a first-rate legal education through the STU School of Law while taking specialized sports administration classes towards their master’s degree. Graduates will be well rounded in both the business and law aspects of the sports administration field. This degree will prepare you to work as a college athletics compliance officer, sports agent, commissioner of a sports league/conference, or any number of other sports-related legal careers.

Doctor of Business Administration in Sports Management

In this program, students are prepared extensively for both upper-level careers in sports administration and to become faculty members themselves at institutions of higher learning. Candidates for this program should have a Masters degree in sports administration and the credits from this program will be applied to their doctoral studies. St. Thomas University’s DBA program uniquely qualifies students by offering students the opportunity to supplement their degree with Business Administration credentials.

Sports Administration – Graduate Business Certificate

This program requires students to take four courses of their choice to augment and increase their knowledge of sports administration and management. The courses for this program are offered in five 8-week terms each calendar year. It is perfect for students who cannot commit a full-time program of study but want to enhance their skills.

Hopefully, we’ve answered your question of “what can you do with a sports management degree.” Now it’s time for you to choose! As the first sports administration program in the nation and with a network of over 1500 alumni working in every aspect of the sports industry, St. Thomas University is a great fit for future sports management leaders to start their careers. Step up to the plate and contact us to learn more.

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