Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Grounded in the rich legacy of the Catholic heritage of faith and reason, the focus of the Religious Studies program at St. Thomas University is one of a global theology. It explores the implications, both practical and pastoral, of faith’s search for understanding. The program respects the religious diversity of our student body and reflects our position that religious understanding is fundamental to peace and justice in the world with its rich array of religions and religious practices. Students explore some of the most creative expressions of the human spirit in its response to personal and cultural concepts of a supreme deity. Special emphasis is placed on Biblical literature, as well as on contemporary expressions of religious thought found in cultures.

Career Opportunities

  • Further education lecturer
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Primary school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Youth worker
  • Media / journalism consultant

Curriculum (Course Sampling)

REL 2560 Catholicism
An examination of the foundations of Catholicism, including its theology, spirituality, art, and architecture, from historical and contemporary perspectives.

REL 2300 World Religions
An introduction and broad survey of the major faith traditions of the world, with particular emphasis on the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Eastern religious traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism are introduced.

REL 2240 Surveys of the New Testament
An overview of the formation and the literature of the New Testament. While focusing on the Gospels, this course also examines Acts, the Letters, and Revelation, with historical sensitivity and an eye toward their enduring meaning.

REL 2750 Christian Moral Decision Making
An analysis of the way in which Christian moral decisions can be made. This course involves experience in resolving difficult issues by use of case studies and development of skills in approaching ethical questions and in helping others to do so.

REL 3117 Sports and Religion
An exploration of the ways in which religion and sports interact, intersect, and influence each other in contemporary North American culture. The role/s of myth, ritual, symbol, narrative, and the hero’s journey in all religious experience will be set in juxtaposition with the experience of sports for the athlete, staff, and spectator.

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