Criminal Practice Externship

This is a single semester externship for students who are eligible for Certified Legal Intern status by having completed four semesters (a minimum of 48 semester hours) and received Florida Bar Notice of Registrant Clearance. Both prosecution and defense placements are available. These placements provide intense exposure through actual trial experience. Students assigned to the U.S. or State Attorney’s office receive a docket of cases, engage in plea bargain negotiation, and try cases to the court, or in some cases, to a jury. Students assigned to the Public Defender’s office defend indigent adults and minors charged with felonies and misdemeanor crimes. Issues often involve the legality of searches and seizures, identification procedures, or confessions along with defenses of insufficient evidence, mistaken identity, alibi, entrapment, or self-defense. The Criminal Practice Externship is a full time placement requiring that you be on site Monday through Friday all day. You will not be able to register for any additional courses that start prior to 6:00pm.

Students are required to attend the weekly class component. Students will NOT be able to take any other courses that are offered during the day, while taking the Criminal Practice Externship.

Prerequisites: Criminal Procedure and Evidence
Co-requisites: Trial Advocacy Practice or Trial Team
Course Credit: 8 or 6
Grading: Pass/Fail
Minimum Hourly Requirement*: Fall/Spring (8 credits): 34 hours per week; Summer (6 credits): 36 hours per week
Eligible Students: 3L’s
Florida Bar Notice of Registrant Clearance: Yes
Clinic Location: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties
Faculty: Adjunct Professor Jeff James

*Students will not be able to register for any additional courses that start prior to 6:00pm.

Erika Hernandez

“My time as a Certified Legal Intern at the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in law school. I met incredible people who made feel like family at the office and who taught me the nuts and bolts of the job. The greatest part was getting field experience and understanding the occupation. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about myself as a professional and an individual, but most importantly, it helped me realize that this is the field I am passionate about.”