Tax Clinic

This is a single semester internship for second- and third-year students, which may be extended to a second semester with the permission of the Director. This clinic gives students the opportunity to work with underserved communities and, under supervision, represent low-income clients involved in tax controversies before the IRS, District Counsel, and the U.S. Tax Court. Students perform outreach services by providing education on the rights and responsibilities of U.S. taxpayers to the community particularly for those whom English is a second language. Students are required to attend Tax Court sessions and the weekly clinic class component.

This clinic requires prior acceptance by the Tax Clinic Director and enrollment is limited.

Students are required to attend the weekly class component.

Prerequisites: Federal Income Tax
Co-requisites: None required
Course Credit: 4
Grading: Graded
Minimum Hourly Requirement: 16 hours per week
Eligible Students: 2L’s and 3L’s
Florida Bar Notice of Registrant Clearance: No
Clinic Location: STU Campus
Faculty: Professor Francoise Blanco.

Ashley Ann-Bryan

“My experience in the tax clinic was really great! I learned so much with the hands on experience and training I received. And what was even better, I feel like I gained an additional family through the process – my tax family. I would, and have, advised many students to join this clinic. The experience will be priceless.”