Immigration Clinic

This is a year-long clinic available to second- and third-year law students designed to provide the legal, ethical, and moral tools needed to provide high-quality immigration services to the under-served community. Students will represent asylum seekers, battered spouses and children, and other non-citizens seeking immigration relief in Immigration Court, before the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Prerequisites: Immigration Law*
Co-requisites: None required
Course Credit: 12 credits – 6 per semester
Grading: Graded
Minimum Hourly Requirement: 20 hours per week
Eligible Students: 2L’s and 3L’s
Florida Bar Notice of Registrant Clearance: No
Clinic Location: STU Campus
Faculty: Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Programs and Immigration Clinic Michael Vastine

*waivable only with prior authorization of faculty.

Aleksei Voiskovich

“It was a great experience working with real clients with complex and consequential immigration issues. The supervising attorney provided guidance that left me with a deep understanding of the legal theory and its connection with actual practice. I was able to participate in real hearings in immigration court and represent clients before judges. This was key in preparing me for practice after graduation.”